65 Movie Review: The latest Action Adventure is now running in Theatres in the Hindi, and English languages with English Subtitles, directed by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods the main cast includes Adam Driver, Ariana Greenblatt, and other stars.

The runtime of the movie is approx. 1.3 hours written by Jane Ainscough and the movie is Rated PG-13 for intense sci-fi action and peril, and brief bloody images, Here Goes the Review of The Film.

The story is about a spaceship pilot who decides to go on a 2-year mission for finding medicine for her daughter’s illness, but as he goes on the mission his ship gets hit by an asteroid killing all the crew and passengers, but later he came to know that a girl same age as of his daughter is also able to survive from the crash and they have landed on a planet “Earth-65” home of dinosaurs, will they be able to escape from there to know this you have to step out from your homes and watch this movie in theatres.

65 is like a fun, scary type of movie filled with action and of course dinosaurs. The acting done by the lead Adam Driver is very good as you have seen him earlier doing great roles, her Co-star Ariana also has done a good job.

However, the runtime of the movie feels like little short, and despite having so much use of technology and CGI the dinosaurs shown in the movie do not look real. The first half feels like little slow but the ending of the movie is worth the wait as you will feel satisfied after the end and the location used in the ending is also really amazing.

Ending Explained65 Movie Summary & Ending Explained

Overall, the movie is like a short adventure movie that can remind you of movies like “Jurassic Park” and other adventure movies and offers nothing new. If you are looking for something to enjoy on big screens you can also consider this movie as it feels like short fun, scary, and adventurous ride one thing to keep in mind is the movie is rated PG-13 so for those who do not want to see brief bloody images should know this otherwise the movie is an average one-time watch, if you have nothing else to watch for.

Rating: 2/5

This is all about the film review and rating, and aside from that, let me know how much you like this film in the comment box, where this film is now running in theatres near you.



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