Will Trent Episode 1 Recap: ABC Original Crime thriller web series ‘Will Trent’ was released a few hours ago on the Hotstar in India and on ABC in the USA and other parts of the Globe, episode 1 of the show is around 40 Minutes long, I just finished the show and in case you missed the episode here goes the Episode 1 Recap of the show.

The story of the series revolves around the Murder of a Girl at her Friend’s House, Initially, the Police were informed that A girl Named ‘Emma’ was Killed by Some Intruder, but later it comes out that, the Girl who was Killed is not Emma but her Friend and Now Emma Goes Missing. Will Trent is assigned to the case and the show is all about how he solves the case.

Now coming to the Recap of Episode, episode 1 Begins with ‘Bentley’ Fighting with her Husband Paul as he was having an extra Marital affair with his Gym Trainer, While talking with Paul when Bently moves towards her Home, she finds out that her Door Glass is broken and when she entered into the House, Upstairs she found a body of a Girl, who was lying on the Floor before she could understand anything, She saw a guy coming out from the room who was full of blood on his body.

Bently thinks that he is the Killer of her Daughter and she starts fighting with him, As the Boy was injured, he can’t fight more, and Bently Strangles him to death, Soon after Police arrived there and as it was a High Profile case, Governor asked a Police officer named ‘Amanda’ to lead the case, Amanda asks Will Trent to Join the case as he is a great observer of Crime scenes.

Will Trent is hated by the Police due to his work, When he reached the Murder Spot, He found some evidence that brings a new angle to the case, Pair of two different Sandles and some more clues, When Trent asks Paul to Identify the Body, here come the shocking twist, The body in the house is not of Emma, but it was her Friend’s Body. Emma was missing and Trent starts an Investigation into Emma’s Kidnapping, They found out that, Kidnappers Took Emma’s Body in the white Car and they found the Car, Close to a Music Studio outside the city.

With the help of CCTV footage, they get to know that, The car was changed here and the Kidnappers took Emma in some other car, During the Police Investigation One of the Friends of the Victim revealed that Adam and Kerala were getting threats


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