What is the sexuality of King Æthelstan in The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die? The Netflix original ‘The Last Kingdom‘, which ran for five seasons and concluded with the movie ‘The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die’, featured King Æthelstan, played by Harry Gilby. In the movie, viewers were able to witness King Æthelstan kissing another man, which left many fans confused and caused some viewers to stop watching the show.

King Æthelstan had always been portrayed as a religious figure who followed Christianity throughout the series, and this impression was maintained until the end of the show.

This impression had been an overarching theme, and King Æthelstan himself broke his own rules and standards when he was seen kissing another man. Fans were shocked and stunned by this unexpected development, and many were not happy with this drastic shift in the character of King Æthelstan.



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