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The Big Door Prize Season 1 Episode 6: Recap & Ending Explained

AppleTV’s The Big Door Prize tells the story of a small Louisiana town that gets upended after the arrival of a mysterious machine that tells the “True Potential” of the user. The whole town goes bonkers after the machine tells them their potential to change their lives, sometimes for the better and sometimes not.

However, the revelations about their potential not only bring chaos but love for some and for our lead, Dusty played by Chris O’Dowd, a realization of his marriage and how he needs to work on that. Now, the sixth episode of the series has been released titled “Beau” which focuses on Jake’s father.

We see him asking Trina to leave the house when she tells him about her cheating on Kolton, his dead son, and Jake’s brother. Here’s what happened in the Episode.

The Big Door Prize Season 1 Episode 6 Summary Explained

After Trina tells Beau about her cheating on Kolton, Beau takes the dinner table from the house and turns it into a bar on top of his saloon which he’s working on. He wanted to create a saloon that we see in most Westerns since he had gotten “Sheriff” on his card. Now, what he’s desperate to know is who did Trina cheat with, on Kolton, he asks Jake about it and he misdirects him to the basketball team saying maybe someone from the team did it.

On the other hand, Dusty has been asked to coach the Basketball Team and while he’s trying to do that Giorgio arrives, and turns out Dusty’s not the only one asked to coach. But he also brings Beau with him and Beau arrives in full Sheriff mode with a hat on top. During the practice, he asks one of the students Axel about who in the team is the most famous with the girls and it gets pointed out to Tucker which Giorgio also vouches for saying that he’s seen him chatting up girls from his restaurant.

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After the practice, Beau invites everyone to his saloon that he’s created and there starts a battle of punching a bag to see who gets the most score on the bulletin (CHILDISH, I KNOW!). Beau is specifically hard on Tucker because he suspects him to be the one on who Trina cheated. This keeps going on until nighttime as Giorgio gets Dusty drunk and angry talking about their time on the cruise vacation where Cass was seen crying.

Cass, on the other hand, is trying to turn her Royalty card into meaning something and she’s decided that she’ll organize a gala event that would serve as a fundraiser for the people with potential and how they could help them. On her way to pick Dusty up, she asks Giorgio if she could use her restaurant and he says yes without blinking.

Trina goes to meet Jake and the two talk about whether whatever they’re doing is normal or not and Jake gives her a blank card to convince her that she could be anything and not just focus on what she got on her card and then break up with her. Beau also finds out that it was Jake who Trina cheated with and Jake tells him that it’s over. As Jake is sitting on the chair which was supposed to with at the dinner table, Beau goes there and comforts Jake and that makes Jake cry.

In the end of the Episode, we see Giorgio having a bath and turns out that the hair locks that he so lauds in front of everyone, that’s a wig and he’s fully bald underneath. Guess, we’ll find out more about him in the next Episode.

The Big Door Prize is currently streaming on AppleTV+.



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