Seven Kings Must Die – Ending Explained | The Last Kingdom

This is a Netflix film that concludes the long story of The Last Kingdom: five seasons. The show starts with Uhtred and King Aethelstan (successor of Edward) coming together and fighting as allies. Uhtred, the smart person, used his tactics to work together against the enemy.

Uhtred and his army set themselves downhill, which was a strategic move that helped Anlaf and his army. Uhtred used shields and traps, and many fell into them and died, resulting in bloodshed on spikes. Father Pyrgil got injured during this battle.

Meanwhile, King Aethelstan formed a triangular pattern and a shield border against the combat of the Scots. The shield broke down, but it managed to buy time for Uhtred. Edmund, following Uhtred’s orders, discharged hidden cavalry to fight the enemy from the back. Aethelstan and Ingilmundr fought, while Uhtred was hurt and saving his own life and concerned for the lives of others on the battlefield, including his king, whom he tried to save. He rushed towards him but was heavily injured. Uhtred then watched Ingilmundr get defeated by none other than King Aethelstan, and wounded Father Pyrgil. Uhtred passed out.

The kings whose successors died came together, leaving no army with Anlaf, and he was thus forced to return back. After the battle was over, Uhtred returned injured to Bebbanburg. In his last moments, he made Aethelstan the new king of Northumbria but on the condition that he could never marry or have children. After his death, the king would be his younger brother. Uhtred (son of Uhtred) died in an old home of Bebbanburg, and legendary Vikings were waiting in Valhalla.

At the end, Finan’s last voice and the camera went to the window overlooking the castle of Bebbanburg (Bamburgh), which gives all the feels for the end of the movie and leaves fans at a happy moment.


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