What happened to Theo In ‘Your Place or Mine’?: One of the most asked questions about the Netflix film Your Place Or Mine is What Happened To Theo, Here we are going to Explain some, and we will also cover some additional details which will help you to understand the film better.

Theo called Debbie for a Launch before she left New York. Theo gave an offer to Debbie of becoming an Editor at a Press in LA. Theo owns a Press but he didn’t want to work with Debbie now because he didn’t know her that much.

Theo then asks Debbie to take their relationship to the next level, but Debbie loves Peter, so she confesses that He loves another man and leaves that Place after hearing about Jack.

Theo wasn’t a bad person and he also published The Book of Peter and Debbie also working as an Editor for the Press that Theo suggested.

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