What Did Debbie Do After Finding That Book?: As Minka got to know that Debbie was a book enthusiast, she tells Debbie that Peter also wrote a Book and it’s in his Van, here we are going to explain the ending and answer some of your questions related to the film.

Debbie was shocked after hearing this because she knew that Peter left writing after leaving LA and started thinking about Why Peter didn’t tell her about this book. Debbie calls Peter and asks him if he is hiding something. Peter says everything about Jack but doesn’t tell her about the book. Debbie started reading that and really liked it.

Debbie liked the book of Peter, so she talked to Theo about publishing the book, Theo first said no to it because it’s a manuscript and whenever he takes a manuscript it’s always bad. Theo can take it if an Editor or an Agent sends it, so Debbie says that she’s the Editor of it and Theo takes it.

She got a call from Theo that the book is great and he wants to publish it, but first, he wants to meet the writer. Debbie was happy but hesitated to tell Peter, but she called Peter and Peter didn’t take the call, At the end of the movie, Theo published that book.



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