What Does Peter Do After Finding Out That Debbie Is Dating?: Peter was very happy after helping Jack, meanwhile, Debbie is going on a date with Theo. Debbie and Theo are in the room and try to close the window, but Peter’s house is a smart house. They accidentally On the Spy Camera.

Peter got the notification of his spy camera activation, so he opened it and found out about Debbie and Theo. Peter feels very sad and calls Alice to take care of Jack because he is going to a Club.

At the club, Peter finds his Ex-Girlfriend who is giving him a hint to sleep with her, but Peter doesn’t go with her. Peter talks to Alice about all this and says that he loves Debbie from the start, He one day saw Jim with Debbie and they were very close next time He saw Debbie outside the rehab center and Peter wants to confess his love, but then Debbie tells him that She is Pregnant after they Jim left LA and his dream of becoming a writer.



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