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Carl Yoon in “Queenmaker”: Who Plays, Actor Name & Character Explained

Carl Yoon in “Queenmaker “: Carl Yoon is a supporting character in this series. He is a campaign manager of Baek-Jae. The character of Carl Yoon is played by Lee Kyung Young. He is 62 years old. Did many popular series and movies. Some of them are the Doctor Lawyer series ( 2022), Inside Man (2015) movie, and many more.

Carl Yoon is a middle-aged man who serves as Baek-Jae’s campaign manager for his election campaign. Yoon is extremely talented and intelligent, but there are hidden mysteries about Carl Yoon. Let’s find out together.

His father Baek-Jae was about to become president, but Carl Yoon called Baek-Jae’s father corrupt so Baek-Jae’s father committed suicide. Later, the president, Mrs. Son, hired Yoon as the campaign manager of Baek-Jae, where she knew everything about Yoon. So Yoon always tries to win in every situation.

Although he knows all of Baek-Jae’s bad habits, he still tries to help him because of his past. Carl Yoon was on an island until Mrs. Son hired him.



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