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What happened to Judy Glatzel? Where Is She Now? David Glatzel’s Mother

What happened to Judy Glatzel?: Judy Glatzel is the mother of Debbie and David. Judy Glatzel is one of the important members of the Glatzel family. She tried her best to help her children.

She faced some allegations from her son Carl who said that his mother Judy drugged him in their childhood which resulted in David’s hallucination problem and becoming a mess.

After David Glatzel is possessed by an entity, Judy calls the church and explains everything to them. Judy tried her everything to help David from going to church to going to Warren’s. Judy was so involved in David that she forgot about other family members. David’s father didn’t believe in this demonic possession, so he started doing two jobs. Everything wasn’t the same after what happened to David. The conflict happened between Glatzel family, some believing it was mental illness and others believing demonic possession.

Judy and her daughter Debbie tried everything after Arne was suspected of killing Alan Bono. They share those photos and audio recordings and everything, but still it didn’t help Arne. Arne was sentenced for 10 – 20 years in a maximum security Prison. After Arne was sentenced Ed Warren and Lorraine Warren came to their house.

The Warren’s take the Glatzel family to Hollywood to write a book on it. They said to Judy you will be rich and famous after the release of the book. The writer talk with the Glatzel family about the incident. Carl was there when the warrens ask the writer to add more horror in it. Glatzel’s family was shocked as it never happened with them.

After the release of The book “The Devil in Connecticut” the Glatzel family received only $5,000 dollars and the warrens get $81,000 dollars. The Glatzel family felt betrayed by the warrens as they used the family and case to earn money from it.

What happened to Judy Glatzel?

Judy Glatzel died after some years. It’s not confirmed when she died, but I think she died in 2000s or in the 90s.



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