Arne Jhonson Now? Arne Jhonson The Devil on Trial | Did He Marry To Debbie?

Arne Jhonson Now? Real life, Image | The Devil on Trial | Did He Marry To Debbie?

The Devil on Trial is a Documentary Based on the Trial of Arne Johnson, who killed his friend Alan. He said it was under the possession of the Devil as he didn’t remember killing his friend. The trial of Arne Johnson becomes very popular and in recent years The Conjuring makers adapted the story of it in The Conjuring part 3 “The Devil Made Me Do It”

Arne was the boyfriend of Debbie, there wasn’t any talk about how Arne met Debbie. All of this thing started after Arne and Debbie made a plan to move on and live in their own home. Debbie asks her brothers to help her clean her new house, where David got possessed by an entity.

After some months they take David to father for an exorcism, David stopped breathing when the exorcism is going on, so Aren asks the entity to possess him and leave David. David became normal after Aren saw it. The Warrens weren’t happy as it can be dangerous for Aren to sacrifice himself.

What happened to Aren Johnson?

According to the warren’s the entity won’t strike until the host becomes weak, and vulnerable. After the exorcism, Debbie took a job as a dog groomer in Brookfield, and they live in an Apartment together. They became really good friends of Alan Bono who was the boss of Debbie. On February 16, 1981 Aren and Debbie went to pick Aren’s sisters, as they had plans for the weekend. At the launch, they meet Alan and drink a few wines. Alan becomes very drunk, so Aren asks Debbie to leave the place because he doesn’t want his sisters to be around Alan as he is drunk. Aren didn’t remember anything after they started walking downstairs.

Aren didn’t remember anything after that. He then found himself in a police station and was confused after hearing that he killed Alan. Aren and his lawyer first tried not guilty as he was possessed by a devil, but the court said it was baseless. They changed it to manslaughter. And Aren was sentenced to 10 – 20 Years for manslaughter. Aren had to explain that he killed Alan in self-defence as he was drunk and started pushing Him.

After killing Alan Aren was sentenced for 10 to 20 years. But due to his good behaviour, he got free after serving only 5 years in jail. Aren married Debbie in prison, and after his return they spent their life together until Debbie’s Death. They might have kids together.


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