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David Glatzel Now? |Where Is He Now?, Real Image | The Devil On Trial

David Glatzel Now?: Netflix’s “The Devil On Trial” Is based on The Trial of Arne Cheyenne Johnson who killed his boss Alan Bono. In the trial, Arne explained that it was a demonic entity who killed Alan, not him.

Arne says the Devil possessed David before possessing him. Ed Warren and Lorraine Warren also published a book on this case “The Devil in Connecticut”, and it was later adapted into a film “The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It”

David was 11 years old when the devil possessed him. David was happy and everything was normal until David’s sister Debbie made a plan to move to a new house with her boyfriend Arne. Arne and Debbie find a house in Newtown, Debbie asks her brothers to help her move to that new house.

On July 2, 1980, David, his brother Carl, and Alan went to clean that new house. Debbie asks David to clean the bedroom. David was cleaning that room when someone pushed him, and he fell on the bed. He said the guy who pushed him was looking like a Devil from Halloween Costume and his eyes were pitch black like cola. The Devil also said he wants his soul. Frightened by this event David asks Debbie to leave this place. At the same night David explained everything about what happened to him. His family didn’t believe him, his mom said he might have had a nightmare at night.

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While sleeping David sees someone coming towards their home. He looked through the window and saw someone there for a few seconds. He didn’t sleep that night. After a few days David screamed at night, and when his family went to him their house started to tremble. It was like someone shaking the house from outside. David’s mom calls the father Denis and talks to him about the situation. Ed Warren and Lorraine Warren were very famous at that time, they were known for exorcism. Debbie contacted them and asked them to help her family.

The Warrens go there and talk to David. They believe that if they don’t see or feel any Devil’s presence they will not help David. Ed Warren asks the Entity if he is real. He tells the Entity to knock on the desk three times. The desk and room started to shake like someone hammering the floor.

What Happened To David Glatzel?

The Warrens tell David’s mother Judy to contact the church, and they already contacted the church. So The Warrens tell Judy and Debbie to document all of this stuff to use this as proof. Debbie and her mother bought some cameras and Tapes to record and shoot Everything. The family always looks at David at night by doing shifts. One day David got possessed by the Entity and started speaking very vulgarly. They shot him and recorded what he said.

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It keeps happening and they shoot Everything. On September 2, 1980, the church gave them permission for exorcism. It took a very long time because the church didn’t want to entertain fake possessed people, so they needed proof. The Father started exorcism and the entity started speaking very vulgarly with the Father. David stops breathing for some time but soon starts breathing after Aren asks the entity to possess him and leave David.

David was now free from the Devil and leaving his life, but everything isn’t the same after his possession. David’s father and his older brother Carl think David has some mental illness that’s why he behaved like that.

Where is David Glatzel Now?

David Glatzel is now living in Connecticut. There isn’t any news about whether David is married or not. I think he is married as he is 51 years old.



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