Ed Warren and Lorraine are known as the most famous Paranormal Investigators. You might have known them from The Conjuring movie series. In the Conjuring movie series, Patrick Wilson played the role of Ed Warren and Vera Farmiga played the role of Lorraine Warren. If you watched any of the movies then you have one question: is this even real? Well, not all of the things you see in Conjuring are real.

In the recent Netflix documentary The Devil on Trial which deep dive into what actually happened with Arne Johnson. Arne Johnson’s trial also inspired the movie The Conjuring Devil Made Me Do It, which is a very fictional version of what happened in reality. In the documentary Brother of David Glatzel, Carl Glatzel explained how The Warrens used the Glatzel family for their success and even called them frauds.

Debbie was very frightened after what happened with David, so she contacted The Warrens. The Warrens started doing small paranormal investigations at first. They became famous after investigating the Amityville haunting. They said that it was a demonic entity that was involved in this murder. The Amityville story is adopted in The Conjuring 2.

Are The Warren’s Frauds?

Yes, The Warren’s are frauds. They exaggerate a lot of things. In the documentary The Devil on Trial, Carl Glatzel, who was the brother of David Glatzel explained that Warren exaggerated the real-life story by adding stuff that didn’t happen at all in their book “The Devil In Connecticut”. If you watch The Devil on Trial and The Devil Made Me Do It, then you will see a lot of differences about what happened.

Just by showing some audio recordings you can’t prove that a demonic entity possessed a real-life person. It can be a mental illness or hallucination, Carl explained that their family didn’t take David to any doctor as they really thought he was possessed by a demonic entity.



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