“Was I-Seul’s death really a suicide, or was she killed? Netflix’s 11-episode South Korean political drama “Queenmaker” has officially been released on the streaming platform, telling the story of a professional fixer girl named Hwang-Do, who helps an ordinary lawyer named Kyung-sook become the mayor of Seoul.

The CEO of The Green People Foundation, Baek-Jae, was blackmailed by a girl who was actually his secretary, Han I-Seul. Baek-Jae claimed that the girl framed him and took advantage of him. Hwang-Do found out that the girl was working in a bar and easily framed her. But the truth is that I-Seul needed money for her education, which is why she joined the bar in the first place. After that, she was selected to be Baek-Jae’s secretary. She tried to explain her situation to Baek-Jae, but he didn’t listen. Due to these false accusations, I-Seul committed suicide.

However, later we see that it was actually Baek-Jae who pushed her because I-Seul denied all of his offers. Therefore, I-Seul was killed by Baek-Jae.

Queenmaker” is currently streaming on Netflix in Hindi, Korean, and English, with subtitles.”



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