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Greek Salad Salade Grecque Episode 5: Recap & Ending Explained

Greek Salad Season 01 Episode 5 Summary & Ending Explained: “Greek Salad” is now available on Amazon Prime in French with English and Hindi subtitles. In this article, I am going to tell you the summary and ending explanation of the series, so let’s get started.

The episode starts with Mia and Tom at the airport, where they are going to their dad’s place, where all of the family is gathering together for Christmas. When Tom’s mother and grandmother are about to reach Tom’s father’s place, they ask if they have prepared for an English Christmas, which obviously they didn’t, so this ends up sending a turkey to Tom’s father’s house by Tom’s grandmother.

Upon reaching, Tom talks to Lily about Josh, to which Lily reveals that they were seeing each other even before she came to Athens to meet Tom, and she was cheating on Tom for a very long time. We meet a lesbian couple who have joined for Christmas, and they are parenting a child whose actual biological father is ‘Romain,’ Tom’s father. Upon reaching ‘Wendy,’ Tom’s mother meets Romain and discusses how they are not together, but their kids are.

Later that night, when everyone is at the dinner table, they all talk about each other. There, Tom reveals his breakup with Lily, and frustrated by this, he also reveals the existence of his step-uncle. Surprisingly, his grandmother tells everyone that she knew about it from the beginning, and so did William. Only Tom’s mother was unaware of it. This leads Tom to run away from dinner. Mia follows him, and they both sit in the park where Tom used to play when he was a kid.

At the same time, suddenly Tom’s stepmother ‘Juliette,’ who is pregnant, starts to feel her labor, and she needs to go to the hospital immediately. But in the home, Wendy, depressed enough, is smoking joints with other members, and everyone is hungover. So Tom drives ‘Juliette’ to the hospital with his father, while Mia stays at home with everyone else.

At the hospital, Romain talks about life with Tom, and at home, Mia talks about her leaving school and working with a refugee association to her mom, who doesn’t like it and tells her that she will ruin her life. Mia replies that she is saying it while smoking a joint herself. Juliette gives birth to a son at the hospital.

Mia decides that she will go back to Athens, and Tom decides that he will not sell the building and will live in Athens. The episode ends here.

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