War Sailor Episode 4 ? Season 2?: War Sailor which was originally titled ‘krigsseileren’ was released a few days back on Netflix, The show is a Norwain Drama Thriller show of 3 episodes, and each episode is around 50 Minutes long, After watching all 3 episodes, Many of you were asking about the Next episode release date or season 2 of the show, Here we are going to answer all your questions.

The Plot of the show Mainly revolves around the Era of 1939-1945, The World war Era, A Sailor Named ‘Freddy’ Goes to work on the ship and there he got trapped due to the war Like situations all over the Globe, How he survives after that and how His family will survive in the situations, The Story revolves around these things.

Now, Coming to the question, if there will be Episode 4 or season 2 of the show, One thing is sure that there will be no episode new episodes for the show and it is also confirmed that there will be no more new seasons for the show.

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The series is a Limited series and There will be no more new episodes or no more seasons 2 for this Netflix original Drama Thriller series.



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