Madi IN ‘Rabbit Hole’: Chloe plays a crucial role in the series she is an FBI special agent who was very frustrated by John who cleverly has taken the stocks of their client and now their client is running at a loss is that client and how John tricked them, what will happen next to know this, You need to stay tuned with us and keep watching the remaining episodes on Paramount+.

Who Played Madi in ‘Rabbit Hole’?

American actress Elisa Campanella played the role of Madi in the latest mystery action series, She is not known for many as she has not worked in show many shows and films, He has few known works Including Penny Foster in 2017 and Spinning Out.

Who Is Elisa Campanella?

She is an American actress some of her works are Spinning Out (2020) and Penny Foster (2017), Although she has nothing much in her Kitty, she will soon be the talk of the town after her performance in the show. In 2023 she will be seen in the latest Paramount+ mystery action Series Rabbit Hole.



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