Joaquin Manchado In “Iron Reign”: Netflix presents “Iron Reign” a Spanish crime thriller series in eight episodes. The story happens in a port in Barcelona where the cargo ships were unloaded. The people working there are part of the drugs syndicate. They use the port to help the cartels smuggle drugs through their port outside for a commission.

A big shipment named Czar’s mail has come to their port in Barcelona. Things go sideways when someone tries to murder Joaquin Manchado at the port.

Joaquin Manchado’s character is played by Spanish actor Eduard Fernández Serrano. Eduard Fernández Serrano was born in the 25th of August 1964 in Barcelona. He is a well-known actor and stage artist. Eduard Fernández Serrano won many awards including 3 Goya Awards and 4 Gaudi Awards. His first film was “Souvenir”. Eduard Fernández Serrano acted in many films, some of his known works are from El nino (2014), Everybody Know (2018) and Biutiful (2010).

He lived as the character of Joaquin Manchado. Even though he has fewer screen appearances his face is in our minds throughout the series. Eduard Fernández Serrano had a big impact on the viewers as the powerful Joaquin Manchado. His portrait of Joaquin Manchado is the main positive in the series.

Joaquin Manchado is the director of Terminal A of the port in Barcelona. Joaquin Manchado’s family is known as the Manchado family and has a great reputation among the drug mafias. Joaquin Manchado has a daughter and a son. Joaquin Manchado’s daughter is Rocío Manchado who is married to Nestor. Joaquin Manchado’s son is Ricardo Manchado. Joaquin Manchado’s whole family works in the port and helps him in smuggling the drugs outside. Joaquin Manchado has a brother who was with him all the time on his path to his current achievements.

Joaquin Manchado is a strict and punctual person. Also, he is a cold-hearted man, who doesn’t care much about others’ emotions. All he loves is his ambitions and dreams. Joaquin Manchado never backs down when he is sure of his path. He doesn’t think twice to kill anyone if they betray him. Joaquin Manchado at start of the episode kills a guy who stole drugs from his container just to show others that don’t touch his things.

When the Crane machine got an issue in its parts and stopped working, Joaquin Manchado talked with his friends to replace the parts at any cost as soon as possible so that the work wouldn’t stop in the middle. Joaquin Manchado always makes sure all goes well. Before the Czar’s mail came Joaquin Manchado made sure the cranes are okay and everything was done perfectly.

Joaquin Manchado loved his brother. Joaquin Manchado lost his hand while helping his brother when killers tried to kill his brother. Joaquin Manchado opposed his brother’s affection towards Gloria.

Joaquin Manchado is disappointed with his son as he is not good at anything. Joaquin Manchado’s son Ricardo got into gambling and has too much debt which Joaquin Manchado warned him many times. Joaquin Manchado’s wife was dead due to an illness. Now he got attacked by someone at the port after the Czar’s mail’s arrival. He was admitted to the hospital. At the end of the season Joaquin Manchado shows development by shaking his fingers.

That’s all about the character of Joaquin Manchado. If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to ask in the comment section.



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