True Detective Season 4 Episode 3: HBO Original presents a six-episode psychological murder investigation series. It’s the fourth part of the “True Detective” anthology series. It’s a completely new story starring detective Liz Danvers and her partner Evangeline Navarro.

Previously, we saw Liz and Navarro got clues about Clark. One thing is sure: the deaths of these soldiers are connected with the death of a lady named Annie, which happened several years ago. But this isn’t a simple detective story anymore. As we progress, we are getting some supernatural references that make this series even creepier.

In this article, we are going to discuss a recap of episode 3. But before starting the discussion, let’s have a recap of the story of this series. The story is about a fictional city named Ennis, situated in Alaska. After the death of six scientists in the Tsalal research center, Liz Danvers and Navarro find out the real connection of this death.

Starting with the past, where Navarro arrested Anne, who became arrested for trespassing at the Silver Sky Mining Facility. The incident happened 7 years ago, on April 22. But right then, she stopped getting arrested as she was helping a woman to give birth to a baby. It looks like Anne runs a center for giving birth to babies of Inupiaq women. Navarro also started helping them. Grace was the woman who was giving birth to this baby. But, after coming out from the mother’s womb, the little baby didn’t start crying. But with the help of Annie, the baby became fine. After finishing work, she said to Navarro that she is now ready to be arrested.

Back to the present, Hank arrives with a team of civilians to begin the search operation to find Raymond Clark. He wants to find Clark at any cost, no matter if he is alive or not.

All the evidence from Clark’s van is collected by APF. Liz starts to investigate those. She gives Peter a task to open Annie’s phone. But Peter is thinking about what actually happened between her and Navarro. He wants to know about the Wheeler case. William Wheeler’s case was a suicide-murder case, involving armed robbery, sexual assault, and a relationship with an 18-year-old girl.

He usually beat that young girl. Due to this excessive violence, the young girl was murdered. Liz also added that when she and Navarro reached the house, they found out both of them died. But in the flashback scene, we saw that Mr. William Wheeler is still alive and whistling. This scene gives us a clear understanding of the character of Liz Danvers, who usually lies to hide the truth. As one of them actually killed Wheeler at the heat of the moment. It seems Navarro did that because Mr. Wheeler reminded her of her own abusive father.

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Later, Navarro joined Liz Danvers to collect any clue about Clark. They find out some more images between Clark and Anne. It looks like they made their relationship a secret, but it’s not clear why. However, they find a candid photo, which must be clicked by someone. Liz and Navarro meet with Susan, a hairdresser. Susan accepts that she knows about Anne and Clark. She also went to Tsalal to give a haircut to the man who lives there. Annie also went with her. On that day, Annie met with Raymond, and because he was his friend, she also did that spiral tattoo too. It looks like Annie also saw some visions, but after doing the tattoo, those visions were stopped.

Susan said Clark was weird, but they were happy together. But the problem is, Anne became changed and asked Susan not to talk about this relationship to anyone. Navarro asked why she didn’t inform her of all this. Susan said she was terrified too, as her boyfriend also from Tsalal, named “Oliver Tagaq.” He used to be an equipment engineer, but after Annie died, he left the facility. Susan is unable to say where Oliver is now. Susan also added that after Annie died, she called into the police station and talked with Hank.

It’s clear that Hank might be hiding something about Annie’s death, as we see previously he also hid the case file of Annie’s death. Later, they drive together. It seems like Liz doesn’t believe in any God, Voodoo, or any type of supernatural things, but Navarro believes in all of this. In alone time, Liz spends time on Tinder while Navarro watches Netflix. But it was a lie. Usually, Navarro does prayer. We felt an emptiness inside Navarro; she wants to leave everything behind and live in some unknown place.

Hank, after hearing that Navarro and Liz are working together, becomes unimpressed. Navarro asked him why he didn’t report after getting the call from Susan. Navarro is a hot-headed girl, and she really doesn’t like Hank.

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Peter talks about his friend, who is a veteran. He called him to come and investigate the bodies of the scientists. Vince informed that all of these scientists died before freezing. As he thinks people can’t die like this, but as his assumption, they all must have died of cardiac arrest. He also informed that the animals who died in the freeze are at peace; the situation might be different for the researchers, possibly due to cardiac arrest.

Navarro met with Qavvik and asked him to find Oliver. Qavvik asks her about her mother in return. She hesitated to talk about her mother, but later she started talking about how bad the past days were. As her dad always beat them, Navarro’s mother took her and Jules and came into this place. What we understand is that she also got visions too. Her mental health deteriorated day by day, and meanwhile, she got murdered, and the murderer was never found. That’s the dark past of Navarro and her mother.

Liz Danvers’s daughter, Leah, joined a local protester group against the mine. These people are deeply religious, as they are protesting to stop the work in the mine. All the people who worked in this protest went to death. So, watching her own daughter connected with the protesters, Liz became angry. We understand that Annie is also connected with the same protest group, and she might have discovered something unusual which led to her death.

Just like “Rustin Cohle,” Navarro also has the ability to see supernatural things. While walking on the ice, she falls down and is transported to a different place. There, an echo voice is connected with her and also a hand of a young boy. The boy is holding a bear with one eye. The boy was no one but the dead son of Liz Danvers named Holden. It looks like she is connecting with Navarro. It’s not just Navarro; her sister Jules has the same ability of seeing dead people. Navarro met with her and gave her comfort.

On December 23, the 6th day of the night, Navarro finally finds out Oliver. Oliver actually does not exist because the police got no clues about him, but Navarro does his job. Oliver is living in a Nomad Camp on the North Shore.

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Navarro and Liz arrived there and met with Oliver Tagaq. The guy is way more serious, sitting with a gun and alerted the police not to come any further. Near the door, they started interrogating Oliver. Oliver didn’t know about the death of Tsalal scientists. After hearing this, he became upset, as those scientists were his fellow friends. He also asked about Lund. But luckily, Lund is in a coma. The guy wasn’t in the mood for any conversation, so he didn’t say anything to them. On the side, Anders Lund woke up, but his condition is really bad.

He was screaming in pain horribly. Liz somehow was able to get some information from Lund. He only said, “She’s out there in the ice,” which is just what we heard from the previous episode, “She’s awake.” The nurse is always giving him sedatives to improve his condition. He also informed that “She came for us in the dark.” After that, we really saw some unusual things happening in the hospital. Chaos started, and Detective Liz left from the ward. But Navarro stayed there. Then the patient Lund awoke and sat straightly in his bed. His voice turned into a demonic tone. He informed Navarro that her mother is waiting for her. It looks like Annie’s death may be related somehow with Navarro’s mother’s death.

In the end, we saw that Peter finally cracked Annie’s phone, which was actually found in Clark’s van. In the phone, we saw a clip of Annie saying that “I Found It” inside a cave and walking there. It looks like she was afraid of something, and lastly, with a scream, her phone fell down, and we see the cave’s ceiling revealing a big red-colored spiral-like fossil.

Another chilling episode. We are really excited to see what’s happening around this city. It looks like a connection between supernatural inhuman things, which finally awake, but it’s also related to the mine and the death of Annie. Exciting episode so far. Three episodes of True Detective are currently streaming now on JioCinema with Hindi, English language along with subtitles.

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