True Detective Season 4 Episode 4: HBO original presents a six-episodic psychological murder investigation series. It’s the fourth part of the ” True Detective” anthology series. It’s a completely new story starring with detective Liz Danvers & her partner Evangeline Navarro.

Previously we have seen lots of ups & downs in Liz & Navarro’s life. Slowly we are finding some unreal side of this case. We got more connected with Anne. But the guy Clark is truly a mystery. let’s see police have successfully found him or not!

In this article, we are gonna discuss a recap of episode 4. But before starting the discussion let’s have a recap of the story of this series. The story is about a fictional city named Ennis, situated in Alaska. After the death of Six scientists in the Tsalal research center, Liz Danvers & Navaro find out the real connection of this death.

Episode 4 Recap

Liz Danvers repeatedly watched the video of Annie. She is hunting for a new clue. Later She found Julia naked on the roads of Ennis City. We understand the mental health of Julia is affecting her. She picked her up & went into the police office, also called Navarro to come & take care of her.

Bodies of scientists are sending for Anchorage. Peter found the dead bodies of some people which are exactly like Tsalal scientists. But before she extended her talk with him, her boss Ted joined her to control ta problems that were going on in this city. Red also saw the video of Annie but he said Liz to keep it on a ” need-to-know” basis. Navarro takes her sister to the Lighthouse which is a local psychiatric facility. She knows the mental health of her sister getting worse. She hugged & left her sister there. The detective series turned into horrific when Jules saw a ghost under her bed.

Peter has a clue about a German guy named Otis Heiss, he is a white man & admitted to St.Josheph’s in April 1998. The guys have the same injuries that those Dead researchers have, like ” Burns on both corneas, ruptured eardrums, self-inflicted bites”. Any evidence of his existence is not found but he has done soo many real-life crimes.

Coincidentally, he was picked by a Trooper in Noatak Two months ago and then vanished. Liz informed Peter to order everyone to find Otis but everyone was already on the searching party of Clark. Meanwhile, Peter’s father Hank went to the Airport to met with his fiance Alina. But Hanks’s fiancee betrayed him. Betrayal hurts more so he reaches at the station & starts drinking. He became nice to his son Peter after this betrayal. But after this he became changed & wanted to join to his son in the investigation.

Navarro is still finding that cave. Liz thinks that Annie was killed somewhere then her body was dumped in this town. On the other side what we saw in the floor of the cave it’s looks like a fossil. They Both went to met with Bryce the geologist of the local school. He said that the fossil looks like a whale “Monodontoides” which is a pre-historic. He also shows some caves in this town but those are death traps as some people died. As this is Christmas Eve ,he can’t spend time to find those caves. But he has the name of a guy who built this cave system, miraculously the name of the Guy is ” Otis Heiss”. Thinks are connected beautifully.

Christmas Eve in the night Country. Everybody is busy except the Detectives & APF. Rose Aguineau decorated her house for this beautiful Eve.. Navarro also joined in her house. Before coming in Alaska, she was a professor who used to write articles. After coming to Alaska she found peace.

Liz got a call from Kate McKittrick, who invited her into “The Silver Sky Mining Facility” because of Leah. As she did graffiti of ” Murderers ” in their front door. Liz was successfully abled to save her. Leah is unhappy & angrily leaves the house. The relationship between Liz & Leah is becoming worse again.

Meanwhile, Navarro called Julia as if she was okay or not. Julia isn’t her room instead she is in the same Shipwreck. She said goodbye to her sister Navarro & Committed suicide. It looks like she got the visions & followed the same road that her mother chose. Navarro found it later while she was on a mission with Peter. She became upset & alone also slowly accepted her fate. But, after the loss, she became unstable & started fighting with some guys & badly beaten up.

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After Liz’s Christmas Eve was ruined she continued her research again. She was closely looking the last video of Annie. She felt a little connection at the end which is fit with the ending part of the video of the Tsalal research facility. Both videos have a sudden Power cut at the same time leading to a big clue. She remembered that Oliver was the equipment engineer of the facility so he must be known about the power supply in the cave. She called Navarro who must be Oliver who also declined to met with them. As she became drunken, she requested Peter to join with Navarro. Peter’s Christmas party is ruined as he & Navarro go to met with Oliver.

"True Detective" Season 4 Night Country

Reaching there, they found no one inside the house. But they found nothing but a stone & cardboard with the same eerie spiral symbol. It looks like he must know something big & after Hearing about Annie’s death ,he leaves his house.

Liz slowly achieving the power of watching unnatural things. She saw the same one-eyed Polar Bear that Navarro saw earlier. After that she got visions of her dead child Holden. Later Navarro joined her & found that same toy polar bear. Taking it on hand she also got the same earlier visions of Holden. She also informed that her sister Jules also died by walking down to the sea without any clothes. Jules have schizophrenia a bipolar disorder coming from her mother. As Jules dies, Navarro thinks she is also gonna die the same way. She thinks she got a curse from her mother as they all saw dead people & they followed them until they encountered death.

Right after that moment, Liz got a call from Peter saying that some fishermen spotted something near the Dredge. They saw a man with a Yellow Parka coat. Liz & Navarro went there to find any clue . With an eerie ambiance inside the dredge, they found a big spiral symbol. Right then, Liz saw a man running from inside, she started to capture him but Navarro got stuck as she saw a female dead body inside the water channel of Dredge. They both became separated.

Liz successfully captured the guy, he wasn’t Clark instead he is Otis. As he got the the same coat . Questioning her she didn’t get lots of clues. Otis said, ” He’s gone… He went back down to hide”. She asked again where she hide. He finally answered that Clark is hiding in the ” Night Country”. He also added that everyone is now entered into the Night Country.

Navarro watching a female footsteps inside the Dredge. All she found a big Christmas tree with sinister music. At that moment we got a jump-scaring scene while she move back,she watched the dead body of her sister screaming in front of her. Watching their sister’s dead Body, Navarro became stuck. When Liz came to met with her found that she is sitting on the floor & her ear is bleeding.

Not too many clues we found in this episode. But this episode turned into a real horrific thriller. Sudden jumpscares give us chill literally. ” Night Country” that Otis referred is must be a world of dead people & it’s now slowly collapsing with the real world. Looks like Navarro got the flashes of the Dead world & also Raymond Clark too went to find her love ” Annie” in the ” night country”. A little boring but some spicy horrific Ingredients make this episode a little more interesting. We really waiting to see what gonna happen in the next episode.

This was all about the True Detective Season 4 Episode 4 Recap and Summary. “True Detective: Night Country” is currently streaming now in JioCinema with only four episodes in Hindi and English language along with subtitles.



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