How will Ciri survive in the desert? What consequences will happen in Aretuza after the war? Will Geralt survive and be ready for revenge against Vilgefortz? Let’s find out all the answers from the last episode of The Witcher Season 3.

The Empire of Nilfgaard, Emhyr, wants Ciri, so he puts a bounty on her. Meanwhile, Geralt is in a very bad state. He is still in Brokilon, and the Dryads are taking care of him. But Geralt is stubborn; he is ready to go with his injuries to save Ciri but is unable to do so because of his bad health. Milva, the Dryad, stops him from leaving and insists that he stays there and rests. The Witcher slowly trains himself there, knowing that Ciri is in danger, but he is unable to walk out from there. He recalls his past sufferings, and it makes him stronger.

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Yennefer is also searching for Ciri. She meets with Crach an Craite to find out Ciri’s whereabouts. He says that Ciri is heading to Nilfgaard. Yennefer understands that if King Emhyr finds Ciri, it will be a big mess. Meanwhile, Yennefer believes that Vilgefortz is behind the transportation of Ciri to Nilfgaard. Later, she, along with Tissaia, Tiss, and other Aretuza witches, discovers the cave where Vilgefortz conducted his experiments on young girls. Philippa joins them to break Vilgefortz’s magic and rescue the young girls. They find the bodies of the young girls and decide to bring back their bodies to Aretuza for peace. Tissaia is suffering from guilt for betraying her lover, but when she starts losing hope, Yennefer encourages her, telling her that they need her the most.

When Yennefer and the other witches leave to pay respects to the dead girl, Tissaia is ready to say goodbye. She writes a special letter to Yennefer, mentioning, “Sometimes a flower is just a flower, and the best it can do is die.” Tissaia was close to Yennefer’s mother as she raised Yennefer. After that, she goes to Brokilon to meet with Geralt. Geralt apologizes for failing to protect Ciri, but now he wants to find Ciri along with Yennefer and then take revenge on Vilgefortz and Emhyr too. Yennefer heals Geralt and gets him ready to start his journey. Yennefer meets with others and encourages them to fight with Vilgefortz, and now it’s time to take revenge.

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On the other side, Jaskier meets with Dara, who says he was fighting with the Scoia’tael in the past. As he is actually an elf, he decides to join the Scoia’tael. He also claims he knows Ciri; yes, we know that in the first season, they met together. The Witcher is trying to make his own elixir as he knows it will not be as powerful as Vesemir’s elixir, but it will still work. It will sharpen Geralt’s senses so he is ready for the attack.

On the other side, Fringilla and Francesca come to meet with Emhyr. Emhyr knows Fringilla’s involvement in their victory at Aretuza. Francesca says they must secure Xin’trea’s ports and take control of the Yaruga. Fringilla asks Emhyr to give her and Francesca the power of Imperial Governor of Xin’trea. Emhyr agrees, but in return, he wants fighters of Scoia’tael to stay in the north and fight in the war.

But Francesca doesn’t agree to his proposal. Fringilla has a different plan; she wants to capture Ciri because only Ciri can give the Elves “Dol Blathanna.” Francesca does not agree with her, as she has already lost many people, so she doesn’t want to be against Emhyr. Here, Francesca finally gets to know that it was Emhyr who killed her children. Now the Queen of Elves wants to follow the road of revenge.

In Redania, Dijkstra meets with King Vizimir. King Vizimir isn’t impressed with Dijkstra as he lost in Aretuza. He also knows that Dijkstra loves Philippa, so he orders him to kill her. Later, he finally sees that his brother Radovid is safe, and Philippa also meets with him. Radovid comes to ask for permission to help Jaskier. Later, Dijkstra is unable to take the life of Philippa, so he wants to die. But Philippa is sharp enough, so she kills King Vizimir, which solves all problems. Now, Radovid is the king of Redania due to the sudden death of his brother.

In Emhyr’s Court, finally, Princess Ciri arrives. The nearly burned Vilgefortz is by Emhyr’s side. But wait a minute, when we finally see the face of Princess, we see that she is not the real Ciri; instead, she is Teryn, the girl who was actually an Aretuza novice saved by Geralt from the cave. Meanwhile, the real Ciri is in the tavern, surrounded by bounty hunters. There she meets with Kaileygh, a prisoner known as a Rat. The Rat’s teammate takes a sudden appearance and rescues both of them. A hand-to-hand combat between Ciri and the person who captured her happens, resulting in Ciri’s first human kill.

Geralt, along with Jaskier, moves further to rescue Ciri. But their road is blocked by Nilfgaardian armies. Geralt gives them the jewel as a bribe, which he took from Renfri in the first season after killing her. They are allowed to go further, but Geralt is not someone who stops easily. When he sees the guards abusing a poor family, he returns and attacks those soldiers. He fights them alone and kills dozens of people, but in the end, Milva also arrives to help him. But one of the soldiers isn’t dead yet, so Geralt meets with him and gives him a message to deliver to Emhyr: “F*** Emhyr.” He also says that he will surpass all armies and walls to rescue Ciri.

In the end, we see a member of Rat’s team asks for Ciri’s real name. But Ciri replies, “Call me Falka.” This is how Season 3 of “The Witcher” ends.

We are still confused about Ciri. Is she possessed by “Falka” or becoming like Falka? On the other side, Geralt and Jaskier are ready for a new adventure to Nilfgaard to find and rescue Ciri, as they don’t know Ciri isn’t there. On the other side, Yennefer becomes the new leader of Aretuza. Francesca is on her way to follow the road of revenge against Emhyr, and Radovid becomes the new King of Redania. The final episode wasn’t up to the mark, but it sets up everything for the next season. So, now we have to wait more to see what will happen in the next season, as Ciri can now also do the magic of Fire.

All eight episodes of “The Witcher” Season 3 are currently streaming on Netflix with Hindi and English audio, along with subtitles.



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