The Witcher Season 3 Episode 6: Netflix presents the American Fantasy Action-Drama thriller series “The Witcher,” which is back with another season. Volume 2 of season 3 is currently streaming on Netflix, featuring five episodes.

For those who missed episode 6, here we are going to do episode-wise recaps. But, before starting recaps, let’s know the overview of the story. This fantasy action drama series is based on the adventures of The Witcher, known as Geralt Of Rivia, along with Princess Cirilla, known as Ciri. Volume 2 of season 3 is currently streaming on Netflix with Hindi and English audio, along with subtitles.

In Volume 1, we found Vilgefortz helping Rience, and he knows the uses of illusion. But it’s late to realize it because he has been alerted. Let’s see how the Witcher is going to find him. We will discuss everything in this episode-wise recap.

Dijkstra captured the Witcher and asked him to join the Redanian side. The Witcher chose to accept it as he was unable to find any other way. The Witcher came into a room where all wizards are captured. Philippa said that only Vilgefortz is a traitor, and the others are presented just for testimony. Chaos is created because Redanian armies captured all magicians.

Tissaia joined there, but everyone respected her, so they didn’t capture her. Right then, Geralt saw a fog coming toward the castle, but the Redanian armies didn’t notice it as they wanted to punish Vilgefortz. But, Tissaia thought it’s better to save everyone from the upcoming danger, so by magic, she set everyone free, including Geralt. The magicians killed those armies, and Geralt badly injured Dijkstra. Dijkstra alerted Geralt that more Redanian armies are coming to attack.

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Tissaia wants to take the Redanian armies out and trap them in the tunnels. But Vilgefortz wants Scoia’tael to enter this castle and burn down the ground in the name of the White Flame. Vilgefortz wants his own life; he doesn’t want Tissaia, so he wants to destroy everything. Vilgefortz fooled Stregobor and Tissaia both. Soon, Cahir, along with Francesca, reaches there to reclaim Aretuza and bring back the Elder Blood Princess to their home. A deadly fight started between the Magicians and Elves.

When the Elves were unable to fight with the members of the Brotherhoods, right then, Fringilla came, who once was a magician of Aretuza. Fringilla killed her uncle, who is Artorius. Right at that moment, Francesca got back her magical power, and she fired down the castle. But the war isn’t ended; instead, it became more dark and brutal. Triss was also attacked by an arrow. While watching everything slowly fall down, Tissaia summons Alzur’s Thunder, a spell of last resort. Francesca tells Cahir to find out about Ciri because she was not in the castle, and she will take the life of Tissaia.

Yennefer saw the chaos in the castle. All the wizards are captured. She understood it was better to leave to find Ciri. Yennefer found Lydia, who is demanding Ciri. When Lydia is in the way to kill Yennefer, Triss saved her.

On the other side, Ciri is alert about some danger, but she is a long way from the Witcher & Yennefer; she is with Jaskier. Lastly, we saw Jaskier with his love, Radovid, in that hut. In the morning, Radovid slowly came to find Ciri, but Jaskier was always alert. Jaskier knows Radovid faked love because he wants to kidnap Ciri. Radovid wants Ciri to come to Redania. When Radovid understood he made a mistake, he leaves immediately, but Jaskier found Ciri is not in her room. As Ciri already left to find Yennefer.

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After finding Ciri, Yennefer and they decided to leave this island. Yennefer promises Geralt will be back soon. Soon, Rience came there to attack them, but Geralt’s sudden appearance saves them. Geralt agreed with what Ciri thought about Vilgefortz; he is a traitor. He also brought both Nilfgaard and Scoia’tael to attack Aretuza. So, right now, everyone is finding Ciri, so they must leave there. But, Yennefer, when she realized Tissaia is summoning Alzur’s Thunder, decided to go there to help her. Tissaia brings down a super powerful chaotic magic to kill everyone. Meanwhile, Istredd found the Book of Monoliths, but Vilgefortz already got him. Philippa saved Stregobor and helped him to leave the castle.

Cahir reached to capture Ciri, while Ciri wants revenge as he destroyed her home. But Cahir stopped the attack, as he said whatever he did in the past was a mistake. Cahir told Ciri to leave and left from there. Geralt, with Ciri, came down to the shore to leave the Island, but suddenly Geralt feels the presence of someone near the seashore. He is no one but Vilgefortz himself. Geralt requested Ciri to leave and promised that he will find her soon. A deadly one-vs-one happened between Geralt & Vilgefortz.

But Vilgefortz easily knocked down Geralt. AFTER THAT, he went to capture Ciri. Meanwhile, Ciri went towards the Tor Lara. Ciri communicated with the Obelisk in the middle of the tower. Vilgefortz alerted her that it might be dangerous, but soon Ciri blew up the whole tower.

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On the other side, Yennefer reached to help those magicians and Stregobor too. But Stregobor requested Yennefer to go out and find Tissaia and stop her. And it’s the final attack between the leftovers of the Wizards & Elves. Yennefer reached to save Tissaia.

We don’t know what happened inside the Tower. Ciri is okay or not. On the other side, Tissaia saved the Witcher & Yennefer. This series is taking a huge turn; let’s see what will happen next.



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