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The Witcher Season 3 Episode 7: Recap, Summary and Ending Explained

The Witcher Season 3 Episode 7: Lastly, we saw a deadly battle in Aretuza, and we got a glimpse of the huge power of Ciri. From the beginning, we know Ciri has immersive power, which can make her a living weapon. But she alone can’t choose the fate of the world, so she joined Geralt & Yennefer to level up her powers. Let’s see what will happen next in this episode.

Previously, Ciri went to the tower of Tor Lara to hide from Vilgefortz, as Vilgefortz wants to make her his pupil. But Ciri connected her immersive power with a crystal at the center of Tor Lara, causing a huge explosion that sent Ciri to the “Korath” through a portal. Korath is a deadly desert also known as “The Frying Pan.” It’s not confirmed yet, but most probably Vilgefortz will survive that explosion.

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Ciri fell down in the middle of the hot red Korath desert. She was unable to understand how she reached there. She used her magic and knowledge to find out the direction to get out of the desert. In the middle, we saw an unknown black figure near her, but Ciri couldn’t see that. Ciri struggled for help and tried everything to survive there. She ate everything she found, including insects. By watching the sun, she moved towards the west, but Korath was really challenging for her. Alone in the desert, when she realized she actually came back to the place where she started her journey. While all hopes were ending, she found a Unicorn who alerted Ciri to a sudden danger. Desperately searching for water, Ciri found a puddle of goo, which turned out to be the teeth of a giant desert creature, but the Unicorn saved her by alerting her.

In the desert, her loneliness turned into visions of her past memories. First, she saw her Mother Pavetta in the desert, which represented her fear of being alone. She mocked Ciri for being abandoned and also said Geralt would leave her too. After that, she ate a poisonous lizard and fell into delusion, and there she first saw a mysterious girl in black cloth. The mysterious girl told her about vengeance and said she had the power to change the world. This mysterious girl is Falka. She also said she could be the possible future of Ciri.

The next day, when Ciri woke up, she found the Unicorn near her. The Unicorn took Ciri near the Palm Trees where Ciri could use her chaotic power. Not only that, there Ciri found water. She finally found a companion in this deadly desert, and day by day she became close to the Unicorn.

Now she got a vision for the second time. This time she saw her Grandmother Calanthe, who was the Queen of Cintra and used to slay the elves. Calanthe represented Ciri’s fear that she wasn’t doing everything she could, and this fear could make her bloodthirsty like her grandmother. Ciri found out that Falka is a cursed elven demon. But Falka understood Ciri’s feelings, and her loneliness, but Ciri saw Falka’s destruction and how she killed her own Father.

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The next day, Ciri encountered a desert creature. Ciri found a way to kill it, but it had already attacked the Unicorn and poisoned him. When she was unable to help the Unicorn, Falka arrived again. She told Ciri to use Fire magic to help the Unicorn. But Ciri knew using fire could be dangerous; that’s why Aretuza banned fire magic, but she found no other way to help the Unicorn, so she chose to use it.

That’s how Ciri learned fire magic and helped the Unicorn to heal up. But the Unicorn was afraid of Ciri’s power, so he ran away from there. Falka also told her that everyone would fear her because she had the power of fire. Ciri was manipulated with the idea of revenge as she badly wanted to kill Vilgefortz, Cahir. But she also felt that the power of fire could also harm Geralt, Jaskier & Yennefer too. So, Ciri stopped her power of rage & fire and relinquished it.

When Ciri woke up, she found some men in the desert looking at her and saying “He” is looking for this girl. Soon, they took her from there.

Jaskier came to Aretuza and found everything already destroyed. But he was unable to find Geralt & Ciri; instead, he found Radovid there. Radovid told him everything that happened there. As Jaskier still loved Geralt, he helped him to leave the castle as soon as possible. Jaskier informed him about a secret route that takes to the village that diverts in Mirthe to go to Oxenfurt. Radovid wanted Jaskier with him, but Jaskier denied as his first priority was to find Ciri. Radovid informed him that after the tower blast, it’s not sure if Ciri survived or not, so he must find Geralt first. From Yennefer, Jaskier found out that Geralt was now in Brokilon for healing.

Geralt, the White Wolf, was at the end of his life. He was now in Brokilon, taken care of by Eirhne. While Yennefer stayed in Aretuza, the dryads of Brokilon were trying to heal Geralt. Jaskier reached there to find Geralt. When the Dryads were unable to trust him, he started his beautiful song to claim that he was the closest friend of Geralt. Jaskier met Geralt and said Ciri was missing. But he also said Ciri was heading towards Nilfgaard because the Emperor of Nilfgaard was offering a huge reward for finding Ciri.

At the end of this episode, we have a clear idea that the strangers we saw in the desert are trading Ciri to Nilfgaard as they want the rewards. But Geralt is in a very bad situation. How will he go back and help Ciri? Let’s find out in the last episode.

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