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What Does Gravik Wants? What’s His Plan Whole Over The Show? Secret Invasion Explained

What Gravik wants? What’s his plan? Secret Invasion is currently streaming now in Hotstar in Multiple languages along with subtitles

Before starting a discussion on the question let’s know a quick overview of the series. The series is set in the Present day, where Nick Fury joins Maira Hill & Talos to prevent the secret Invasion of Skrulls the save the people of Earth.

Gravik believed in Nick Fury that he will help Skrulls to find their new home, but Nick was unable to keep his promise. This, make Gravik against him, he makes a team of Skrulls and started his plan. At first, his plan is to make a world war so that humans existence will be cleared in that war. So, he inspired America to attack Russia which can lead to a World war, but for Nick & Talos his plan didn’t succeed.

Later he doesn’t want to care about the Skrulls means he wasn’t fighting for their home. Gravik actually wants to be powerful so he demanded ” The Harvest” from Nick Fury. He also said he will leave Earth as soon as he got that. But, later his plan got failed because G’iah & Nick were One step ahead of him.

So, Gravik wants the DNA of Avengers. He wants to be more powerful than anyone. This is what he actually wanted.

Hope your quarries are cleared. If you have any questions left ask in the comment section.


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