The Second Best Hospital In The Galaxy Season 2 Release Date: Amazon studios presents an science fiction animation show. The story revolves around a galaxy of aliens and unknown creature’s. The core plot of the show is based on medical phenomenon and experiments conducted by two close friends, who’s scientist on a lab. Their relationship and medical workspace are the key highlights of the show. The show is packed with eight episodes with fun and sci-fi contents.

The second best hospital in the Galaxy is an animation show created by Cirocco Dunlap. The show deals some relevant topics in the medical workspace. The show premiered on amazon prime on February 23rd. Makers release total eight episodes on the same day, with each episodes having twenty minutes average duration. The show has solid cast with great performances.

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Amazon studios made the first season last year with popular actors. Initially they didn’t had any plans for second season, like Amazon’s previous shows, they always renew new seasons only after the release. This time also, they didn’t start works for second season initially, after getting the viewership ratings, they will discuss about the renewal.

The first season concluded with a banger. Finale episode discussed about the giant worm and the destruction of the world. The giant worm destroyed everything, same time Dr.Klak and Dr.Sleech tried their best to stop. Giant worm started mutation and burned everything to the ground. The GHU blamed Klak and Sleech for all the destruction caused by the worm.

The hospital management took them as prisoners but they escaped it with the help of Azel. In the end of first season, Klak and Sleech got trapped inside the giant worm. They were rescued by Dr.Plowp,later they took the small worm and cured it’s illness. After months, they woke up from coma and witnessed worms everywhere at the lab. They made anxiety curing worms to the world. Everyone appreciated them for their great achievement.

The second best hospital in the galaxy animation show getting good appreciation from animation show lovers around the world. Amazon studios is on discussion with the creators for a second season. In the second season, we can see more adventurous ride from Klak and Sleech. Next season will concentrate more on the relationship between Sleech and Plowp. Azel and Klak seems to be enjoying their love once again on next season, they will be keep meeting eachother.

The worm’s being cultivated largely on the labs to cure anxiety disorders. In the second season the worm’s will be one of the most problematic thing, which Klak and sleech have to face. Like the first season, it will create a ruckus in the second season too. There’s alot of possibilities for the second season to come out on next year summer season. Amazon studios will soon announce about the renewal of the second best hospital in the galaxy season two. Let’s wait for the new adventures of Dr.Klak and Dr.Sleech in the second season.

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The first season of the second best hospital in the galaxy is streaming through amazon prime with multiple languages.



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