The Second Best Hospital In The Galaxy Review: Amazon studios presents just another adult animation show. The story revolves around aliens and scientists. The plot is about two close friends, Dr.Klak and Dr.Sleech ,who were trying to find cure for anxiety and many unknown illness. The show has a package of comedy, emotions and scientific elements.

The Second Best Hospital In The Galaxy is a well made animation show. The show is created by Cirocco Dunlap, who’s known for shows like Miracle workers and Russian Dolls. Cirocco done an excellent work as writter in this show. Rather than sticking with routine medical dramas, Cirocco set a different path and made an appreciatiable work.

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Cirocco added some emotional bond and romantic nature into this medical drama, which didn’t happen with other medical dramas. The blend of science and comics are mixed well with good writing. The series showcasing endless number of aliens and creatures with different looks.

The Second Best Hospital Series dealing with important topics like anxiety, romance and careers. The plot revolves around Dr. Sleech and Dr. Klak, two brilliant doctors who broken the boundaries of science to cure so many illness in the galaxy. They conduct surgeries and experiments to cure anxiety and other illness. One of the main character, Dr. Sleech’s voice is given by popular actress Stephanie Hsu. She was known for her works in Blue eyes samurai, Leo and six sermons.

She did an excellent work as Dr.Sleech. Next important character, Dr.Klak’s voice is given by Keke Palmer, who’s known for her works in After party, Alice and Nope. One of the highlight in this show is the Kieran Culkin who worked in Critically Acclaimed television show Succession is given voice to Dr.Plowp. Every characters have a significant amount of importance and screen space in the show.

The show has many laugh worthy sequences, the medical portions were a bit dragging but the fun elements made it a worthy watch. The chemistry between lead characters were amazing. The mix of romance and fun elements into the medical genre worked out well. The show has stunning animated visuals. The animation works of each aliens and creatures were unique and never seen before art.

The first season concluded with eight episodes with an average duration of twenty five minutes. The makers should’ve increased the duration of the episodes or quantity of episodes, because the show was totally engaging worth every minutes. It’s completely different from usual adult animation shows.

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The second best hospital in Galaxy is rated 13+ , but the content is not okay for kids. The Show has a significant amount of adult jokes and sexual references. Each episode has a particular adult scenes which is not viewable for kids. Intimate scenes with Aliens and unknown creature’s which gives us a weird experience. Apart from the performance, the show’s songs and background score were quite good. The ending of the first season were pretty much good which makes the series a timepass watch for animation show lovers.

Rating: 2.7/5



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