The Second Best Hospital In The Galaxy Ending Explained: Amazon prime presents an animation show. The show deals with the galaxy of aliens and scientists who are finding different varieties of cutes . The lead characters Dr.Klak and Dr.Sleech ,who were close friends and scientists for a long time jointly finding new cures and solving scientific experiments is the rest of the story.

The Final episode opens with a flashback of the worm. In the world of worms, a giant worm was destroying everything and killing people. The giant mother worm were going to explode anytime soon, small worm escaped from the chaos somehow and witnessed the mother worm explode. Back to the preset, the worm cunningly escaped from Dr.Klak and Dr.Sleech. Whenever they got the chances, they didn’t kill the worm, but now the worm got bigger and disastrous. The HR found out that Sleech and Klak is the sole reason for the worm’s survival and now they captured both of them inside the lab.

The giant worm started destroying everything. Many people died on spot, buildings and everything burned to the ground. Everyone looked up for a solution to kill the worm at any cost. The worm got mutated into bigger form and it caused severe damages. Somehow, the whole doctors trapped the worm inside the lab.

They tied the worm with large ropes, but it was showing strong retaliation power. Dr.Klak and Dr.Sleech tried to talk with giant worm, but suddenly it swallowed both of them into the stomach. Sleech and Klak trapped inside the worm, on the outside ,Azel and Plowp were trying kill the giant worm without hurting Klak and Sleech.

In the end of final episode Dr.Azel took a laser and cut the end of the worm’s stomach. Suddenly, Sleech and Klak came out of the worm without any damages. Klak seems happy to see Azel at the lab to help her out. The scientists tried to downsize the worm and it worked. Klak and Sleech once again tried to protect it but the scientists started to attack them.

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With the help of Azel, they took the worm into a lab and cut it’s bad part from it’s body and planted a good heart. They got paralyzed after the incident for few months. Later, when they woke up, they found out that, the worm has been used for fixing anxiety problems around the world. The hospital started producing a large number of worms to cure anxiety. Klak and Sleech got proud of their achievements which changed the world.

The season ended with an happy ending. The talents and good nature of Klak and Sleech discussed on the final episode. This episode went through lot of chaos and events which made it more engaging than other episodes.



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