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The Rehearsal Episode 6 Release Date

The Rehearsal Episode 6 Release Date: The Rehearsal Episode 6 Release Date: HBO’s The Rehearsal which dropped its 5th Episode recently is just one episode away from its end and this big budget that HBO funded definitely feels like it is going to surpass whatever we’re expecting from it.

Episode 5 saw the departure of Angela, the 40-something-year-old woman who wanted to rehearse being a woman and was not co-parenting with Nathan after Nathan confronted her about how she’s been living her life in the rehearsal as just randomly and not making efforts.

The final Episode or the finale of the Season is expected to be a clear cut to what Nathan feels about being a parent and we’ll see that. The final episode is titled “Pretend Daddy” and the Episode name tells you a lot.

Maybe we will see if Nathan really comes through as a parent or if he just remains like a man who pretended to be a father to an unknown child actor. Perhaps the rehearsal can only prepare you for so much but it’s the real thing that puts you to work and tests you.

While these are just speculations, we’re excited about the final Episode of this overly dramatic and well-thought series that Nathan Fielder has given us. The Final Episode streams on HBO next week i.e., 20th August 2022.



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