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The Rehearsal Episode 4 Recap, Full Story & Ending Explained

HBO’s The Rehearsal creator by Nathan Fielder released its 4th Episode titled “The Fielder Method” recently and this episode got deeper into what we’ve been seeing for the past few weeks in a mind-boggling and deep docu-comedy miniseries.

This Episode focussed on a method/company that Nathan has come up with in LA that trains the actors for the roles that are going to be used in the show itself. We’re seen by actors that are being shot by HBO cameras and they’re asked to select a primary and learn everything about them as much as they can so they can develop the skill needed for the Rehearsal in due time.

The first half of the Episode focuses on Nathan going out of Oregon where his co-parent and son are, to LA-related work on The Fielder Method and to work with the aspiring actors. While he dug deeper into helping the actors with getting specific into their primary’s lives by spending a lot of HBO money, his son was growing up 3 years a week for more than a couple of weeks and when he went back there, his son was all grown up.

Decided mutually that there needs to be resentment inside the son against his father for his absence, this takes a dark turn when the son gets involved in drugs and in the end, we see him running away after he overdoses and is being taken to the hospital.

The Episode ended on a note by Nathan who spent so much time in LA with The Fielder Method that he missed how his son grew and could not be part of his childhood. So, instead, Nathan went back to the time when his son was age 6 after discussing it with Angela. The episode ends on a note after his 6-year-old son comes down the slide in the park.


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