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The Rehearsal Episode 5 Recap, Full Story, Ending Explained

The Rehearsal Episode 5 Recap: HBO’s The Rehearsal has dropped its 5th Episode titled “Apocalypto” which is in reference to the movie by Mel Gibson and the things going in the Episode as it all came crashing down but with the ending came a new beginning as all life does after getting perished.

The Episode felt like a necessary part of how Nathan confronts his life and his previous decisions have governed his life. The Episode focussed on the faith that Nathan practices and that is Judaism but his partner Angela is strictly Christian and wouldn’t have any other faith touch their son and is strictly against Judaism.

We see Nathan getting cornered by his parents when they come to visit and we’re allowed to see a clear picture of Nathan how he lets the other person take the reigns just to avoid conflict and this is where he needs to step up.

The Episode showed how Nathan led his son to lead a double life in terms of practicing a religion since Christianity and home Nathan would take him out to practice Judaism and upon arrival, Nathan would quiz him with lies.

This felt like it was going too far but Nathan took this conversation into his hands when he realized that after he leaves with his son Adam, Angela is not taking this seriously and just having fun in the house so he confronts her and the end is that Angela leaves after talking that she needs closure.

The Episode ended with Nathan being alone and he realizes that in order for him to rehearse as a parent he needed to do it alone and that is where he is at. So starting from the first episode, we’re seeing that Nathan is directing someone else’s rehearsals but now he’s the only sole rehearsal that we’re seeing and this is something that we didn’t think of or even expected.



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