The Railway Man Episode 1: Much-Awaited Netflix’s original series ‘The Railway Men’ is now streaming on Netflix with 4 Episodes. We are going to explain each and every episode in full detail. Here goes the Episode 1 recap.

Episode 1 of the show starts with the introduction of characters. We get to see Iftekar Siddiqui, played by Kay Kay Menon, who is the station master at Bhopal Railway Station. We also see a guy named Imad Riyaz, who is all set to go on his first day on the railway job. There is another character named Kamruddin who works at Union Carbide Limited. There is a reporter who is closely following Union Carbide Limited’s workings and its operations.

The story starts in a factory where we see that there is panic in the factory as the pressure of the factory is going all-time high. Upon investigation, Kamruddin gets to know that there is no error in the factory, and it was all due to the faulty meter. The story now jumps to Imad Riyaz, who is narrating the story of his friend ‘Ansari’ who died while working at the factory of Union Carbide Limited. Kamruddin has also promised reporter ‘Kumhawat’ that he will help him in the investigation.

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Here we get introduced to another character who is famous for his robberies in trains. Upon digging up information, he came to know that a huge sum of money is there on the Bhopal Junction, so he also planned that he will go to Bhopal Junction to rob that money. Ansari’s wife (Imad’s friend who died in the factory) is coming to Bhopal along with her children.

Later in the night, we see that two workers in the factory start the water pump in pipes to clean up the pipes, but they forgot to close the last loop of the pipe, and water starts entering into the chemical and starts reacting with MI 16 Chemical. Within a few hours, the pressure in the factory goes all-time high, and before anyone understands anything, the pressure in the pipe and factory rises to an all-time high. Kamruddin tries to stop and transfer the pressure, but he fails, and the tank bursts up after the rise in temperature and pressure.

On the other hand, we get to see that Imad Riaz has joined his first day in the railway backyard. Express Bandit, dressed up as RPF, meets with station master ‘Iftekar Siddiqui’ at the Bhopal Junction, and he tells that someone is going to loot the money at Bhopal Junction, and thus he is here to save and protect the money.

On the other hand, gas is now spreading to nearby areas, and ‘Kamruddin’ is trying all his best to fix the issue, but he dies on the spot, and Episode 1 ends here.Episode 2 is going to be more exciting as we are going to see how Railway men are going to react to this situation.

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