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Fellow Travelers Episode 4: Recap and Ending Explained

Fellow Travelers Episode 4: Now 4 Episodes of the show have been released and the show is getting a good amount of love and support from the audiences. We have already cover Episode 1 to Episode 3 of the show and here goes the Episode 4 recap and ending Explanation.

The new episodes start by showing an officer walking out of the Bureau of Security office. The officer killed himself by jumping on a car. It’s Christmas time, and Hawkins goes to his office; he finds a letter on his desk. The letter was sent by the Bureau of Security office, accusing Hawkins of being disloyal towards the US government.

Mary knew about the letter; she asked Fuller if his boss Martin knew about the letter. Hawkins was sure Mr. Morton didn’t know about it, as he might have called him in the morning. The letter wasn’t sent to Morton, meaning it was just a normal investigation. Mr. Morton came to Hawkins’ office and invited him to a party.

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After Roy accused the US army of supporting communist spies and started an investigation, the army was very angry at McCarthy and his committee. The army’s legal counsel, John Adams, is writing a memo on Roy and David Schine, and in the memo, he wrote about Roy’s sexual relationship with David. Some senators suggest McCarthy fire Roy as it might affect him and his agenda. McCarthy tells them that Roy is a useful person, and he can’t leave him. McCarthy tells them to set up a meeting with him and John Adams. McCarthy asks Tim to come with him.

Hawkins went to Morton’s party with Lucy and tried to socialize with everyone. The next day he goes to the Security office where the officer asks Hawkins to walk and read a book. The officer didn’t tell him about his results; the officer asks him to come again tomorrow for a polygraph test. Hawkins goes to the office Christmas party and talks with Mary. Miss Addison, the second secretary of Hawkins, interrupts the talk and tells Hawkins she is the one who tipped the office. Miss Addison saw Tim’s book.

Hawkins tells Addison he is very happy to see her being jealous. Hawkins meets Tim at night, and the two give each other a Christmas present. Hawkins gives Tim a letter and asks him to give it to David Schine when he meets him. Tim asks Hawkins if he will see him again, which Hawkins didn’t answer.

Tim goes to the meeting with McCarthy and Roy. He didn’t attend the meeting but stayed outside the room. John Adams suggests McCarthy and Roy stop supporting David Schine, an army servant. If they keep supporting him, then Adam will accuse McCarthy and Roy of using their powers to support close people. Roy didn’t agree with him, and a fight broke out between them; Adams became angry and left the place.

David came to the place, and Tim gave him the letter. McCarthy’s wife Jean asks him what happened, and McCarthy tells her Adam is accusing him of using his power, and his own subcommittee will investigate the case. His wife tells him to fire Roy and save himself.

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Roy and David go to the apartment; Roy was angry at McCarthy as he knew he is going to fire him. David opened the letter and finds the photo and letter of that anonymous person who had a sexual encounter with McCarthy. Roy was very happy after seeing this as it can bring down McCarthy.

In the present timeline, Tim is talking with activists on how to pass the anti-discrimination AIDS bill. Tim asks Hawkins to set up a meeting with the governor; Tim wants Hawkins to introduce him to the governor. Hawkins can’t do that, as it can show people him being gay. Hawkins leaves the place and goes to the bar. Hawkins comes back to Tim’s house in the morning and learns Tim is in the hospital.



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