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Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Episode 3: Recap and Explained

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Episode 3: In the previous episodes, Ramona hears Scott’s voice in her dream. Ramona tells this to Julie Powers, who informs Julie about Scott being alive. Julie doesn’t believe her. Ramona tells Julie that after the dream, she went to the club, checked the CCTV, and saw a portal open and took Scott.

Ramona asks Julie about Scott’s friends. Julie tells her about Stephen Stills, the songwriter in Sex Bob-omb, Young Neil, the roommate of Stephen, who recently wrote a full-fledged script. Julie also tells Ramona about Kim Pine, Kim was the ex-girlfriend of Scott and knows a lot about him.

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Stephen discusses with Kim how important Scott was for Sex Bob-omb. Stephen doesn’t want to make the band weak, so he starts thinking. Kim asks Knives to play the guitar, and the two start playing their music instruments. Stephen hears Knives’ guitar play and invites her to join Sex Bob-omb. Kim leaves the club and goes to his rental store work.

Ramona meets Kim in the rental store and tells her about Scott being alive. Ramona also asks about Kim’s relationship with Scott. The two were talking until Roxie Richter interrupts them. Roxie was the fourth ex-girlfriend of Ramona. The two were roommates in college and also dated for a long time until Ramona left Roxie without saying a word.

Roxie tells Ramona that she hasn’t forgotten about the breakup. Roxie challenges Ramona to a fight. At the end of the fight, Ramona accepts her fault and says sorry to Roxie. Roxie also accepts her apology, and the two become friends again.

Julie goes to her home and sees Gideon Graves outside her home. Gideon tells Julie that his real name is Gordon Goose, and she knows him.

This was the recap and ending explanation from Episode 3 of the newly released Netflix original Anime show ‘Scott Pilgrim Takes Off‘. What is your take on this? Please let us know in the comments.



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