Scott Pilgrim turns into coins after fighting with Ramona’s ex-boyfriend Mathew Patel. Mathew asks Ramona if she will come back to him after he defeats Scott, Ramona doesn’t say anything and leaves the club.

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Episode 2 “A League of Their Own” Recap

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Knives Chu wake-up after being unconscious in previous episodes, she get to know about Scott death, and becomes angry at Ramona. Ramona go to Scott’s funeral where Knives fights with her, as she is the reason Scott is dead, suddenly a new character Envy Adams enters the church. Envy Adams was a singer and the ex girlfriend off Scott. Envy sing a song in Scott’s funeral.

The League of Evil Exes gets an invitation to meet up at a secret lair. Everyone meets up at Gideon’s secret lair. In The League Of Evil Exes, we see The twins Katayanagi, Lucas Lee, Todd Ingram, Mathew Patel, Roxy Richter, and Gideon himself.

Mathew tells everyone Ramona didn’t come back after he defeated Scott, and Gideon tells Mathew that he has a very low level in Evil Exes, why would Ramona choose him, over me? Gideon says he wants Ramona, and other people are just working for them. It upset other members, Mathew didn’t like it and challenged Gideon.

The two started fighting, Gideon gave tough competition to Mathew, but in the end, Mathew won. Gideon had to sign a paper that made Mathew the owner of his properties. The League of Evil Exes supports Mathew.

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Ramona goes to sleep and see a dream where she hear Scott’s voice and the Episode ends here. It will be interesting to see the upcoming twists and truns.



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