The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Episode 5: Amazon Prime presents a Mystery Drama series, “The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart,” which is currently streaming on Prime Video along with Hindi and English audio, along with subtitles. Five episodes are currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

“The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart” is a mysterious drama series all about Alice Hart. In this article, we are going to discuss a recap of this series episode by episode. Before starting the discussion, let’s learn about the story of this series. The series is all about Alice Hart, who slowly unfolds mysteries about her family, and Thornfield, which is a mysterious flower farm.

Alice starts a new journey in her teenage years. Meanwhile, Twig and others discover the dark truths about June. However, June is desperate to find her granddaughter. Will she succeed or not? Let’s see in this episode.

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Alice is roaming in the national park when the secretary offers her a job there. However, Alice has no documents, so she is currently denied from working. It seems Dylan also recommended her, so everyone accepts Alice to work there. Alice is enjoying a free life. She meets lots of people there and starts to explore the national park. As she has extensive knowledge of flowers, she becomes helpful to others.

She breaks up with Moss and is now obsessed with Dylan. She starts to enjoy her time there with other colleagues and meanwhile gets closer to Dylan. She starts to enjoy an adventurous life with Dylan. While she is enjoying time with him, she mistakenly talks about Lulu (Dylan’s ex), which offends Dylan and he leaves her. Later that night, Dylan comes back and starts having dinner with her.

Twig and Candy are ready to leave Thornfield. Twig plans to find Charlie and Alice. After they leave, June becomes completely alone and struggles with health problems. When she returns to Thornfield, she finds that Candy is there. So, it seems only Twig left Thornfield; the others have not. At night, she has dinner with everyone who is now at Thornfield. But she gets offended when Candy mentions the name “Charlie”.

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Candy meets with her and tries to convince her. However, it seems June is happy with her solitude and wants to be alone. Meanwhile, Candy starts to remember the old painful days. She knows how June always appreciated Agnes. One day she opens up and shares her true love for Clem Hart. In the past, when June found out about Candy’s obsession with Clem, she sent her to the village. That’s the real face of June. Later, we learn about the past when Agnes comes after a close incident that happened between Clem and Candy. June accepts Agnes and gives her a home. Later, Clem and Agnes become very close.

Returning to the present, June admits her mistake and goes to talk to Candy. June says that at that time, Candy was too young, so she was trying to keep Clem away from her. Thus, she invited Agnes to protect Candy from Clem. That’s how June shared her love for Candy.

Twig goes to Sally’s house and meets Charlie there. She is overjoyed to see him. Charlie shows her some letters from Alice, but the truth is those letters were not sent by Alice; instead, they were sent by June. As Alice still doesn’t know about her brother, Twig tells him the truth. Twig, along with John and Sally, tries to find Alice. Although Charlie knows about his sister, Alice doesn’t know about him. After talking with them, Twig finds Alice’s location and heads toward it.

After revealing the truth to Candy, June feels more comfortable now. Meanwhile, Candy comes and meets her to tell her that Twig has finally found Alice. On the other side, Alice confesses to Dylan that she was behind setting fire to her own house. She also adds that whatever she did was just to punish her dad, as he always tried to beat her and her mother. However, she doesn’t know about her brother. Dylan comforts her and asks her to forget all the past.

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So, many secrets are unveiled in this episode. It was Alice who set fire to her own house. Not only that, but we also learn about Candy’s past. Meanwhile, Twig has found the location. Will they succeed in finding Alice or not?

Let’s see in the next episode.



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