The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Episode 4: Amazon Prime presents a Mystery Drama series titled “The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart,” which is currently streaming on Prime Video along with Hindi and English audio and subtitles. Currently, three episodes are streaming, and the rest will be released weekly.

“The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart” is a mysterious drama series centered around Alice Hart. In this article, we will discuss a recap of the series episode by episode. Before we delve into the discussion, let’s familiarize ourselves with the story of this series. The series revolves around Alice Hart, who slowly uncovers mysteries about her family and Thornfield, a mysterious flower farm.

Previously, we heard about the grandson of June, also known as Alice’s brother. Now, let’s see how Alice discovers the truth that June is hiding.

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Alice becomes a teenage girl. At the start of this episode, we see her leaving Thornfield with anger. When she wakes up, she finds herself in a car. June is trying to investigate what happened to Alice by searching her room. Boo mentions that she went to the P.O. Box in town to collect mail. Candy also tries to call Alice. Meanwhile, June instructs everyone to locate Alice and her truck. In her room, June finds a flower that signifies “Betrayal,” and she also discovers a torn letter. It’s still unknown who wrote this letter and what it contains.

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart
The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart

We finally meet Charlie Morgan, the adopted son of Sally and John Morgan. They take Charlie for a health checkup, and they receive a call from June. Sally and John are content with their lives. Later, we see June and Twig together, and at that moment, Sally calls June and mentions that she hasn’t spoken with Alice since that day (the last time in episode 3). June asks again if she wrote any letter to her, and Sally again denies it. So, it has been 14 years since they last met. June conceals that Alice is not in her house. Later that night, she starts hallucinating about Alice. June has grown old, so she is grappling with health issues, and throughout the day, she is consumed by thoughts of Alice.

Alice, along with her truck, is frustrated and angry. While she starts erasing her name from the truck, she notices a roadside dog and starts conversing with it. Alice heads towards the city of “Agnes Bluff” with the little dog. However, she notices that the dog has blood in its urine, causing her to become distressed. Alice takes the dog to a pet-care facility, where she meets Moss. While Alice tries to leave the clinic, she faints and collapses on the road. Moss provides her with food and drink and offers assistance.

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Alice declines and heads to a motel. She reflects on Oggi, a teenage boy with whom she was once happy. June had asked Oggi for marriage and to leave the city, but Oggi refused due to his and his mother’s illegal stay in the country. Oggi initially agreed to the marriage, but he never returned. Alice waited by the river for a long time, but he never came back. Afterward, June informed Alice that someone called immigration, and Oggi had been deported. This news deeply affected Alice. Later, she receives a letter from Oggi stating that he found a girl named Anna and married her.

Alice believes that everything was orchestrated and manipulated by June. Alice discovers that June coerced Oggi into sending the letter. Armed with this knowledge, she leaves Thornfield. Alice informs only Candy about this but does not disclose her location. Candy confirms this truth and becomes angry at June. So, it is confirmed that the torn letter she had earlier was actually a letter from Oggi.

Soon, she leaves the previous motel and travels to a deserted area, where she encounters a boy named Dylan. Dylan informs her about the “Jalngay waterfall,” where she can swim. Dylan also shares an interest in flowers. She also meets with Moss again and learns that the dog is completely healthy now. Later, they both go for a drink, and Alice engages Moss in a discussion about flowers. She talks about how she grew up on a flower farm and became a florist. As they converse, she becomes so absorbed that she forgets about Dylan and starts enjoying her time with Moss. Eventually, they go to a motel and become intimate.

The next day, Alice goes swimming with Moss and continues to enjoy her time with him. She tells him that when she was nine years old, she lost her parents and went to live with her grandmother. At night in a bar, she encounters officers from the “Mia Tuk Urta National Park,” and there she meets Lulu. Everyone enjoys themselves at a birthday party, and Lulu invites Alice to visit the national park. As Alice steps outside and looks up high, she meets Dylan, who seems to be Lulu’s boyfriend.

The following day, Lulu calls Alice and invites her to the national park. June talks to Charlie one day. She becomes emotional, but Charlie fails to recognize her. The question remains: Does Charlie actually recognize her?

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June seeks help from John to find Alice since she is too old to do it herself. After that, June faints and is admitted to the hospital due to her poor health. Sally calls June to speak with her. Meanwhile, Twig answers the call. Sally talks about Charlie and mentions that he is in good condition. However, Twig is unaware of Charlie. As of now, only June knows about Charlie, the grandson of June and the brother of Alice. After discovering the truth, Twig becomes very upset as June kept everything from her.

When June wakes up, she realizes that Twig and Candy already know about Charlie. June tells Twig that she felt it was safer to keep Charlie hidden from Alice. However, Twig believes that a 14-year-old boy should know about his sister. Twig is furious that June kept everything from her and Alice. Despite all efforts, Twig remains angry at her.

Alice goes to the national park to watch the sunset. A tourist named Ruby discusses the park’s culture with her. Ruby shares a folklore in which star women danced on the Milky Way, and a mother placed her baby in a shallow wooden dish called a Turna while dancing. The baby rocked from side to side and rocked so vigorously that she fell from the stars to the earth. The Turna landed on top of the baby, covering her and forming a crater. The baby’s parents realized that their child was missing, and they searched everywhere but couldn’t find her due to the Turna. The story portrays that the baby is still resting in the hills, and her parents are searching for her from the stars.

“Forgive me, without you I’m nothing,” is the flower message that June sends to Twig, as she acknowledges that she can’t fight without her. However, Twig is so angry that she destroys all the flowers. On the other side, we see Alice ascending the hill to admire the beautiful mountains. She still longs for her mother.

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In conclusion, this episode has been emotionally charged from start to finish. Understanding June’s true intentions and why she’s keeping Alice’s brother a secret remains difficult. The relationship between June and Twig has become toxic, while Alice is experiencing the outside world for the first time. Alice finds herself entangled in love and relationships; what challenges will she face?

Will she learn about her brother, Charlie? We’ll have to wait for the next week to find answers.



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