Only Murders In The Building is about to return for its Third Season and while we’re too excited for the trio to solve another murder but at the same time, it’s been a year since we last saw them and our memory can be a bit foggy about the whole setting of Only Murders In The Building.

So, just as a recap we’re going to tell you what happened in Season 2 and what Season 3 will pick up from so we’re up to date on what’s happening and who’s dating who which surprisingly comes up more often than you think. Here’s the recap of Season 2

Only Murders In The Building Season 2 Recap

Season 2 revolves around the murder of the Arconian Landlord Bunny Folger who mostly kept to herself and wasn’t liked by many. However, the three get arrested on suspicion of murder after Bunny comes to their apartment stabbed and mumbles something in Mabel’s ear.

The three are released because of the lack of evidence which marks the entrance of Cindy Canning, the famous podcaster who is threatened by the immense success of Only Murders In The Building and starts her own podcast called “Only Murderers In The Building” focussing on the trio accusing them of the murder.

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Meanwhile, Mabel starts dating an artist named Alice played by Cara Delevigne, Oliver finds out that he’s not the biological father of Theo and Charles reconnects with Lucy, his former stepdaughter. Lucy actually helps the trio in getting some progress done for clearing their names on the suspicion of Bunny’s murder when they find out about the secret Arconia tunnels but they soon figure out who’s the real killer and decide on revealing it in the most dramatic way possible, a killer reveal party.

During the killer reveal party, they invite everyone and accuse Cinda of murdering Bunny before accusing Alice but then Alice tries to stab Mabel but ends up stabbing Charles. While everyone’s panicking and waiting for the ambulance to arrive, Cinda congratulates Mabel and offers her a job and her own podcast which throws her assistant, Poppy, off and then we realize that Poppy is not who she is but actually the subject of one of the podcasts that Cinda did, called “All is not okay in Oklahoma”.

Poppy faked her disappearance, changed her name from Becky to Poppy and reached out to Cinda for making a podcast about Becky. She also tells Cinda about seducing Detective Krepps and working with them on a plan to kill someone and pin it on Cinda.

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While Poppy is confessing to every crime, she did in response to Cinda’s inability to recognize her talent and treating her like nothing, it turns out that everything that the trio did was actually a hidden police operation and Poppy is arrested by Detective Williams. After this when the case is closed, the three of them go on their separate ways while living in the Arconia.

However, months later when Oliver is directing a Broadway play and the lead actor dies on the stage, the very first night another case pops up and how the trio is going to get their hands on this one is what we’ll see in the third Season.



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