Only Murders with a Building has started its third run on HULU with quite a star cast, from Meryl Streep to Paul Rudd and not to forget Martins and Selena who have been keeping the show quite interesting right from the start and Season 3 has started quite a good note.

However, this time a very famous movie star Ben Gilroy played by Paul Rudd has died, and that too, two times once during Oliver’s live play, onstage, and second in The Arconia on top of an elevator when the three are going out for a midnight meal and they find Ben’s body on top of the elevator.

What Episode 2 ended on is how the three have found another murder in The Arconia and the need for another Season of their podcast and along with that, Oliver has had a minor heart attack but the other two aren’t aware of it. Here’s what happened in the third Episode.

Only Murders In The Building Season 3 Episode 3 Ending Explained

The Episode starts with the rehearsal where Oliver is trying to turn his play Death Rattle into a musical and is writing songs and fails to come up with something other than one and a lot of fragments. The next day, he calls for his cast to sell them to the idea of the musical and also do a rehearsal but it goes very bad than he thought and he beats himself up for it. Meanwhile, Charles and Mabel have been trying to work on their podcast and figure out who the killer is.

Oliver does not seem to be working with them because he has his hands full on his play and when he invites Charles for the rehearsal, he bans Mabel from it because he knows that she’ll keep investigating the murder there and that can cause disruption in the play. But Charles and Mabel realize that the hankie they found with Ben has to someone whom Ben gifted it to on the opening night of the play and Charles tries to get everyone to bring their hankies so if anyone does not have theirs, it means they’re the killer.

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Charles and the team after their failed performance are rambling about Oliver and their play and come to a decision that they do not want to do it and Charles would be the bearer of this news to Oliver. Meanwhile, Mabel goes to Ben’s penthouse to find out something and meets the documentarian Tobert in the elevator who is also on the same way while searching they both realize that they’re there to find something and they should just get to it rather than pointing suspicions at each other until Ben’s brother Dickie comes there and they hide in the armoire where Tobert tells her about why he’s there.

He tells her that the night Ben died, he took the camera with him and forgot it was still recording and there is footage inside his dressing room of that night and he came to get it. Mabel realizes this could be of importance and asks to see it but Tobert refuses because he wants it for his own documentary whereas Mabel wants it for her podcast. However, at the end Mabel is able to pick the recording from him as he was about to leave but couldn’t get it opened because it was password protected and meets Tobert to come to an understanding and both of them view it together.

On the other hand, Oliver who has been preparing for his play meets Loretta who believes in him at the same time, she had gotten an audition to be a character at Grey’s Anatomy and she also gets it but the shoot’s date coincides with the play’s date so she decides to leave the play but Oliver forces it on her mentioning she’s under a contract and she cannot leave.

However, he does decide to let her go on a tiny condition that she sings The Nanny’s Lullaby for the rehearsal that the Producers are going to see which does get him the budget, and his musical is accepted by them.

At the Episodes end, we realize Ben was visited by someone in his dressing room where he’s talking about that person being very bad for him and his career but he also loves being with that person and Mabel gets a text from Charles mentioning that Kimber does not have the hankie with her as she does not bring it with her the next day as asked by Charles, a day prior.

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We also realize that Kimber is also the narrator of this Episode and she talks about the film business being quite competitive and you have to snuff people out which does sound ominous and very much points to her being the killer but we do not know that yet.

Only Murders In The Building Season 3 Episode 3 is currently airing on HULU.


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