FX original presents an eight-episodic American crime drama series “Justified: City Primeval” from the “Justified” franchise. Episode 6 is currently streaming on Hotstar (in India), with the remaining episodes scheduled for a weekly release.

In this article, we are going to provide an episode-wise recap of this series, but before we delve into that, let’s gain an understanding of the story. In the popular show “Justified,” we are introduced to a US Marshal named Raylan Givens. “City Primeval” is set after Raylan is sent to Detroit city for a new journey.

In recent episode 5, a relationship between Raylan and Carolyn is established. Meanwhile, Carolyn’s relationship with Jamal ended badly, and she now aspires to become a judge. On the other side, Raylan meets Raymond, but will he be inspired by Raymond’s backstory or just follow the system? Let’s discuss everything in this episode-wise recap.

Raylan is in his room, watching the ceiling when he suddenly hears a knock on his door. He finds Carolyn outside, who has come to meet him with some interesting information. She offers Judge Guy’s book to Raylan so that they can work on it together. She goes through all the illegal cases in that book, which could help her become a judge.

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Raylan accepts her plan. Later, Raylan meets Maureen and informs her that Clement and Sweetie have come into possession of Judge Guy’s book and are trying to find out all the crimes of people to blackmail them. Luckily, Raylan also has some names, but he tries to hide his source. They go to meet Diane, whose name was in Judge Guy’s book. The book proves that she and Judge Guy took bribes to let cops off for bad shootings. They want to alert Diane about Clement.

We see Bulldozer Burt meeting with Lonnie, who used to work under him, but Burt fired him because he turned out to be a thief. Burt requests Lonnie to steal back his “Stanley Garlick Art,” which was taken by Clement. Lonnie accepts this job without knowing who Clement actually is. Later, Lonnie goes to Sweetie’s bar to find Sweetie and Clement. He asks the bartender about Sweetie.

Clement is with Sweetie in a car. They go to meet a guy whose name they got from Judge’s Casebook. They are threatening everyone and extorting money from them. However, Clement isn’t satisfied, so he kills that guy. Later, they go to meet Sandy. After seeing the money, she wants to go to Aruba, but Clement wants more money. Right then, Sweetie receives a call from his bartender who informs him about Lonnie. As they are unable to understand what Lonnie wants, Sweetie agrees to meet him.

Later, they meet at the bar. Lonnie asks him about the name of that white boy (he’s actually asking about Clement as he doesn’t know his name). Right then, Sweetie gets a call from Diane. Diane asks him about Judge Alvin Guy’s Book and what price he will charge to erase that name from Guy’s book. They negotiate the price and agree to meet at Waltham Park on the east side at 5:00 pm. As Sweetie finds himself in trouble, he starts thinking about a way to solve this problem.

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He later meets with Lonnie, hands over some money to him, and asks him to kill Clement. He also tells him that Clement is going to meet with a lady at 5 PM, making it the best chance to do this job. Sweetie also instructs him to retrieve the painting. What’s on his mind?

Later, Sweetie meets Clement in the bar, and Sandy takes the painting to sell it. Later, we see Diane waiting for Clement but sees no sign of Sweetie. At that moment, Lonnie is also there to kill Clement. Raylan and his team get an alert to meet him, and meanwhile, Lonnie fails to kill him. But both Raylan and Lonnie spot each other at that moment. The police capture Clement but find nothing on him—no guns or anything—so they let him go. It looks like Raylan failed again to capture him, as he didn’t step out of the system and failed once more.

Later that night, Raylan meets with Carolyn and informs her that Clement escaped from their grasp again. But he wants to know more names, so he goes to her house. On the other side, at the bar, Lonnie meets with Clement, and Clement kills him. Sweetie is left speechless by Clement’s actions but remains silent. Clement understands his silence and shoots him too. After that, he sets the whole bar on fire.

And that’s how episode 6 ends. Once again, Raylan fails to arrest Clement. On the other side, Clement becomes increasingly unhinged, killing more and more people. He even kills his friend Sweetie. Let’s see what will happen in the next episode as things remain chaotic.



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