Justified City Primeval Episode 5 : The FX original presents an eight-episodic American crime drama series “Justified: City Primeval” from the “Justified” franchise. It’s currently streaming on Hotstar, with two episodes available now and the rest scheduled for weekly releases.

In this article, we are going to provide an episode-wise recap of this series. But before we delve into that, let’s familiarize ourselves with the story. In the popular show “Justified,” we are introduced to a US Marshal named Raylan Givens. “City Primeval” is set after Raylan is sent to Detroit city for a new journey.

Episode 4 started on a high note but later progressed decently. We see the introduction of a new gang in this action-packed series, the Albanian Gang. This gang is more ruthless and is after Clement to eliminate him. How will US Marshal Raylan stop this chaos? Let’s find out in this episode-wise recap.

The previous episode concluded with Raylan spending the night at Carolyn’s house. It seemed like a bond might be forming between them, but Carolyn denied it. She remains with Clement because he is her client. Raylan leaves the house and encounters Jamal, someone we are already familiar with, who might have a romantic interest in Clement. Clement hides his name and identity from Raylan.

Sweety, Clement, and Sandy are now working together, following the leads from Judge Guy’s book. Sweety talks about Burt Dickey, a real estate guy known as “Bulldozer Burt.” He is an ex-convict and involved in white-collar crime as well. They are planning a robbery, and later, Sweety contacts him to arrange a meeting at 4 PM. Later, Clement and Sweety visit Burt’s house, where Sweety introduces Clement as his half-brother. They demand ten thousand from Burt, but Clement’s attention is caught by a beautiful painting named “Stanley Garlick,” and then they leave.

Clement has a significant amount of money with him, and Sandy notices it. Sandy advises Clement to leave the city with the money, but Clement is looking for more.

Briggs at the police department urges everyone to work as fast as possible. Raylan wants to expedite the investigation. He aims to locate Clement and apprehend him – will he really go through with it? Raylan recalls Raymond Cruz and, with Robinson, visits Cruz’s ex-wife, Mary Alice. However, Mary refuses to help them. Returning to the police station, Raylan finds flowers left by Clement.

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Clement brings those flowers to Carolyn and later takes her out for dinner. Unbeknownst to them, Jamal begins to follow them. During the dinner, things go well until Jamal intervenes. Raylan receives a card from Jamal, which reads “Wilder & Wilder,” implying their alliance. Jamal claims to have been with Carolyn since junior high, but Carolyn denies their relationship being the same as before. She asks Jamal to leave, and Raylan shows his marshal badge. With enough chaos, Carolyn decides to leave the restaurant.

Carolyn goes to Jamal’s house, where he taunts her for being involved with a US Marshal. Remembering their past, Carolyn discovers a girl inside his house. Before leaving, Carolyn mentions that she paid the lien and requests Jamal not to come to her house again.

At night, Burt Dickey is sleeping in his room when he wakes up to find Clement there. Clement takes the painting and leaves the house. Carolyn has had a change of heart; she requests Judge Guy’s book from Sweety. She aims to become a judge and needs that book for her goal. Sweety, a close friend of Carolyn’s, hands over the book to her. After reading it, Carolyn discovers the names of people around the city.

The previous night was tough for Raylan, as he misses his daughter Willa. Willa is still upset with her dad. At that moment, Raymond Cruz joins Raylan at the bar. Raylan seeks help with the case and inquires about Clement. Raylan learns that Clement will never sleep soundly if Raylan wins. Cruz then talks about Freddy Keck, someone he had a history with. Freddy was a stone-cold killer, and Cruz couldn’t arrest him. One night, they went for a drink, and Cruz shot Freddy in the chest. After that, Cruz slept soundly without any worries.

Once again, an average episode concludes. Carolyn feels deceived by Jamal and now aspires to transition from being a lawyer to a judge. On the other side, we anticipate how Raymond Cruz’s story will inspire Raylan. Will he kill Clement or follow the established system? We’ll have to wait for next week to find out.



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