Who was behind that flower? What is Thornfield? Let’s uncover all the secrets in this episode-wise recap.

The Lost Flowers of Alice Heart Episode 2: In the past, Alice went boating with her father. She keeps dreaming about it, unable to recover from trauma. June comes and wakes her up for tea and breakfast. Later, she meets Stella, Myf, May, Rosie, Vilinda, Boo, and Candy. Candy welcomes Alice to Thornfield, where wildflowers are allowed to bloom. Here, she refers to those girls who have tiny homes. Along with June, Alice goes to see Thornfield, a vast field full of various types of flowers, passed down through generations and started by Great-Grandmother Ruth.

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June talks about how they plant them into the ground and later cut them. In the garden, June meets Stella and learns that her brother Paddy came out of jail. Meanwhile, Alice explores a wrecked hut where she finds a dead tree. June takes her away, stating it is a dangerous place.

Candy asks Alice if her dad mentioned anything about Thornfield, to which Alice replies that he didn’t. It turns out Candy is Alice’s aunt, found in a basket and adopted by Twig when they couldn’t find her parents. At that moment, Alice notices a cut mark on Candy’s hand, similar to one she saw on her dad’s hand.

Later, she goes near the river and finds a big tree with her parents’ names written on it. She meets Oggi, a young boy, near the river. He helps Alice when she almost drowns, but he fears June finding out about him. Alice suffers from PTSD and anxiety, as informed to Twig by the doctor. She experiences some blurred flashing memories about young Clem.

An unknown guy follows Candy, but his intentions are not disclosed in this episode. Alice learns about the language of flowers and their indications with Boo. At night, June gives Alice a book called “Thornfield Language of Flowers” written by Ruth, which contains a secret language based on flowers. Alice selects the flower “Wattle,” which symbolizes “Always With You,” a flower her mother used to love.

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart
The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart

Late at midnight, Stella receives a call from Paddy. June decides to kill him because he is threatening Stella. He is the same guy who followed Candy. June secretly tries to follow the guy, but the police stop her. Later, at the bar, she confronts Paddy. After drinking beer, when June goes outside, Paddy beats her badly.

Afterward, she goes to the abandoned hut and finds the dead tree there. She starts making cut marks on its body. The tree is horrifying, resembling a human face on its back.

Alice goes to school and meets Oggi. When a kid starts bullying them, Alice defends herself and beats the bully badly. Twig comes and takes her away. As Alice doesn’t talk much, she writes something to Oggi about the fire incident, stating, “It was not an accident; it was my fault.”

Sally and John discuss taking Alice back. They speak with Mr. Wheeler, wanting proof that will work against June so they can take back Alice. Mr. Wheeler suggests proof like old drugs and alcohol consumption. Sally remembers seeing Agnes at her child’s funeral two years ago. Agnes used to come to the library. Sally becomes worried upon learning that Alice had a panic attack.

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Later, she calls June to ask about Alice, but June hides it from her. Sally also tells June about the will Agnes made, stating that Alice would be their daughter. Sally starts to find out June and Alice’s address. In the other scene, June calls John and warns him that nobody should disturb her. John requests Sally to stop everything and tell the truth.

A new day comes, and June delivers letters to the girls. She meets Alice and says she got hurt while cleaning the greenhouse room.

On the other side, we see Sally with a statue or girl’s figure, which is actually an idol of Gemma made by Clem. Gemma was actually Clem’s daughter. Upon hearing this, John is completely broken. It appears that Clem used to torture Alice.

So, was it Alice behind the fire incident? What’s the secret about Clem and June? Many things are unclear; we have to move to the next episode to find out.



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