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“The Foolish Angel Dances With the Devil” Episode 2 : Recap and Explained

“The Foolish Angel Dances With the Devil” Episode 2: “The Foolish Angel Dances With the Devil” is an ongoing fantasy adventure Japanese anime series currently streaming with only 2 episodes. We have posted a recap of the 1st episode; do check it out. Now, we will move towards the second episode.

Episode 2 starts with the same scene where episode 1 ended. Akustu and Lily were still there in the park. Akustu tried to explain to Lily that he can’t betray his own society. He said he won’t betray them. He was trying to remove that collar, but Lily said only she can remove the collar. She can also punish the person who’s wearing that collar, and she can control the actions.

She started giving him orders, and Akustu had to listen to every command of Lily. One policeman saw them in the park, and they both started running from that place. Lily gave him an order that he has to go on the ground without any clothes.

Lily asks him if he will work for her or not. Lily also told Akutsu that he has to serve as a servant to Lily from onwards. She said to Akustu that he has to work for her, and that will be the repayment and, as well as, the reward for Akustu. After that, Lily gave him an offer: for every 10 works he does for Lily, she will give Akustu a hug.

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Both of them started running again because the policeman found them. After that, Akutsu reached home, and he was getting constant messages from Lily. He was thinking about Lily only, and Lily could read his mind. At home, Lily was telling someone about Akutsu, and he said she would transform this useless demon soon. After that, they both scream “Reform.”

In the next scene, Lily was talking to Akutsu. She said to him that she was moving him to the human world. She was showing some pictures to him, but that was all a dream.

The next day, Akutsu reaches school. He changed his hairstyle, and his friends weren’t able to recognize him. Lily was saying in her mind that her plan worked. She also said she would make him fall in love with her. Both of them were thinking the same things in their minds.

After that, both of them were sitting in class. Lily was daydreaming about Akutsu. Suddenly, Lily went mad in her mind about Akutsu. Suddenly, after solving the sum in the class, when Lily was going back to her bench, she deliberately fell on Akutsu and hugged him. Both of them were removed from that class. After that, one scene comes in which Lily was waiting for Akutsu, and someone comes behind her, and episode 2 ends.

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