My Demon Episode 15 Recap: “My Demon” is an ongoing Netflix original Korean thriller romantic comedy-drama series that is currently streaming with 15 episodes. The show is finally coming to an end, and the season finale is set to stream starting tomorrow. We have already posted a recap of all previous episodes.

Now, let’s start with episode 15. Episode 15 starts with the same moment where Doo Doo Hee and Jeong were going in a park, and suddenly Jeong disappeared. Doo Hee was looking back, but she wasn’t able to see him, and she started crying.

After that, we can see the next day. Doo Hee wakes up in the morning, and daily she repeats her schedule. She has coffee in the morning, goes to the office, and comes back home, but Jeong isn’t with her.

Doo Hee is now living all alone. Her manager schedules a meeting for her with the same person she had met in the restaurant in episode 2. He is Choi Woo Sun, the chief prosecutor officer. He tells her, “He will do his best. Good to meet you again.”

He talks to Doo Hee about Noh Sik’s body, which is still not found by the police. Noh Sik’s daughter is constantly seen on TV, hugging Austin and Justin. Jeong also stops coming to the office, and Mr. Park misses Jeong in the office. While leaving, Jeong gives Mr. Park the responsibility of becoming the next chief executive officer.

Jeong has a last talk with his theater artist. She starts telling the story of the scorpion and the frog, making Jeong understand the story so that he can relate to it. Mr. Park finds something under the table, and at the same time, the black suit gang comes into his office, looking for Jeong. They come with an invitation to their own restaurant.

Doo Hee isn’t eating properly, so Seak Hoon gets some lunch for him. Seak also asks her about the MOU deal which is going to happen the next week as she is finally stepping into the American market.

On the other side, Mr. Park and Doo Hee’s manager secretly meet in Doo Hee’s office. The office employees see them alone. Meanwhile, Doo Hee and Seak Hoon talk about Mirae. Seak Hoon starts telling Doo Hee about that time when he showed the analysis of the company to Madam Ju, and she talked about her love to Doo Hee. On the other side, the black suit gang misses Jeong so much.

Noh Sik’s wife is getting tense. On the other side, one more character comes up, and his face isn’t shown properly as he sits near the bonfire. While seeing the rain outside from her office, Doo Hee remembers her own moments. Doo Hee thinks about Jeong the whole night, dreaming about him. The next day, she wakes up, goes to the office, and signs her biggest deal with an American contract. Her office employees celebrate the occasion.

My Demon Kdrama 2
My Demon Kdrama

Everyone gets high on drinks. Doo Hee reaches home, isn’t in her senses due to excessive drinking, sleeps on the couch, and suddenly, Jeong appears. He takes her to the room and makes her sleep on the bed comfortably. The next day, she wakes up and sees that no one is in the room, and her injury has also healed.

She feels like Jeong is still near her. She goes to the office and decides to work until late at night. In the office, Mr. Park goes to the office and waits down at the office for Ms. Shin. While driving the car, Doo Hee again gets flashbacks of her lovable moments with Jeong.

She goes to Jeong’s office and sees the green cover of the “Demon” book. She also discovers an album with Jeong and Doo Hee’s pictures. Suddenly, Mr. Park comes back, sees Doo Hee, and gets emotional. She cries while telling about Jeong to Mr. Park. After that, Mr. Park gives Doo Hee the necklace with the Christ sign that Jeong used to wear. She sleeps wearing that necklace and, while sleeping, sees the dream of Jeong when he was known as “Young Master.”

After that, the story of Wolsim comes again. The village people used to torture Wolsim a lot. She goes all alone near the lakeside and starts practicing with swords. Suddenly, Young Master sees her. She thinks about that all the time, and at the place where Wolsim works, she sees Young Master at her restaurant.

Both of them start meeting again and again. This is the same story getting repeated, which we have told you in the previous episode of My Demon. Wolsim and Young Master fall in love with each other. Whenever they come together, they feel very happy.

When she used to practice with swords, she wore that Christ sign locket on her neck. Suddenly, she gets abducted by village people, and they kill her in front of everyone because Young Master took revenge. The next day, Doo Hee wakes up from sleep, crying. No one knows where Jeong is. After that, we can see Jeong. He is at an unknown place.

Doo Hee gets ready for work, goes into her car, and someone is already sitting inside her car. His half face is burnt, making the character unrecognizable. Doo Hee faints, and when she wakes up, she sees that it is Noh Sik. He is still alive, but his face got burnt. He tells Doo Hee that he burned his face so that no one could recognize him.

He puts a sharp knife in Doo Hee’s leg, wanting to kill her. He wants Jeong to come to help her out. While he is hitting her, suddenly Jeong appears and saves Doo Hee. Jeong starts beating Noh Sik, very angry. Doo Hee tells Jeong to stop, as Noh Sik always wanted to be killed by Jeong so that Jeong would become human.

Doo Hee goes near him, hugs him, and Jeong stops after Doo Hee tells him. Noh Sik comes up with a gun, fires at Doo Hee, but she saves Jeong. Noh Sik fires a gun at Doo Hee’s back, and she dies. Jeong is crying so much, kisses Doo Hee on her lips, and uses his healing power. Doo Hee wakes up, and after that, Doo Hee asks him, “You saved me?” Jeong replies, “I saved myself.”

After that, Jeong is going, and he disappears because he used his healing power. Jeong is no more now, and he left his ring for Doo Hee. She cries so much, and episode 15 ends.

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