The Conference (Konferensen) Based On Real True Story? : Netflix’s original Thriller film The Conference (Konferensen) is now streaming worldwide. The film was released in Multiple audios and is now streaming on Netflix with the dubbed versions too. We have already covered the ending and the recap of the film and now here we are going to tell you about the story and some other details about the film.

Many of you were asking whether ‘Kolarangen’ is a real Place or Not. Let me confirm that ‘Kolarangen’ is a real place based in Sweden. However, the story of the film is fully fictional and there is no such thing happened like that in ‘Kolarangen’. The story is a work of fiction it is also based on the book of the same name written by Mats Strandberg. The book was published back in 2021 and then the film was announced just after the few days of release of the film.

If you still have no idea what we are talking about, Let me tell you some more details about the film. The Conference (Konferensen) is a Thriller film which revolves around a group of investors who are planning to make a big shopping Mall in the City named ‘Kolarangen’, When they come to see the location and inaugurate the place, they are attacked by Masked man.

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Who was that Masked Man? and why He was attacking them all? To know this, You need to watch the full movie on Netflix.



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