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‘Suburban Screams John Carpenter’ Episode 1 Recap: Is It Based On Real Story?

‘Suburban Screams John Carpenter’ Episode 1 Recap Where Is Dan Now? and What Happened to the Kelly’s Case? WPeacock’s original True Horror series ‘ John Carpenter’s Suburban Screams’ tells us the real-life Horror stories. Episode 1 of the show is titled ‘Kelly’ and here we are going to tell you about the Full Summary, Recap, and ending of Episode 1 of the show.

We are also going to tell you if the Episode is based on real-life Incidents or not. What Happened to those characters and where are they now? We will try to tell you everything about that.

Episode 1 Recap

Episode 1 of the show starts with a body floating along the river. Very soon, we learn that the floating body is not a dead body, but there is a woman inside it, and Episode 1 of the show starts here.

The story of the episode starts with Narrator Dan, narrating the story of shifting to a new house in Nepean in 1999. He has just broken up with his girlfriend, Becky, and now he is living with his new roommate, Joey. Here, we are introduced to Dan’s new girlfriend, May. One night, during a normal chillout session, Dan makes an Ouija board to communicate with spirits.

After a few tries and some cracking jokes, they are shocked to see the board spelling out the name “Kelly.” Everyone thinks that Dan is trying to scare them. All of a sudden, they hear a sound upstairs, and then they see that chairs are stacked on top of each other in the kitchen. On the same night, while Dan is sleeping, he feels something on his hand, and when he opens his eyes, he sees a dripping liquid-like substance, but it turns out to be nothing.

The next day, they try the Ouija board again, and this time Dan sees Kelly drowning and tells everyone that he can feel her drowning. Weeks pass, and everyone asks Dan to forget about her, but Dan is not ready to give up. One day, while he is driving, he sees that Kelly is with him in the passenger seat, giving him hints.

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Dan keeps having visions, which is why May and he break up. For weeks and months, he keeps trying to communicate with Kelly to help her, but there is no response. One night he goes to the forest and has a vision that Kelly was killed by two men, one of them having a blade with a tattoo on his chest.

The Ending

Dan talks to a priest about this, and the priest advises Dan to go and tell Kelly that she is dead. Dan goes to the same place, and all of a sudden, Kelly jumps along with him into the river. Very soon, Dan is saved by two men, and the body of Kelly is also found near the river in the forest area. The case is closed as a drug overdose case, and no one is charged with murder.

Real True Vs Reel Story? – What Happened To Kelly’s Case?

Now, to address the question: Is Episode 1 based on a real story?

Yes, Episode 1 of the show is based on a real story. However, we haven’t found any data or newspaper articles related to the case. We are still trying hard to find any data related to this, and we will update it when we do.

If you have any news articles or data related to the case, please let us know, and we will update it in the comments.



  1. I lived it. In true Hollywood fashion, of course the story takes turns and twist that never happened or did, but are very embellished. It’s Hollywood, and the critics are idiots for taking things for face value. The base story is actually correct. Let me mention again, Hollywood, and Hollywood does what it does best, entertain. The story is brought forward because of friends and family encouragement, Kelly’s story needed to be told and so did my experiences. I actually think that the series portrays, in general, the story. I actually like the way it was done, yes with some changes, but it certainly brought back some serious emotions for me, and that’s something the critics can’t take away. They didn’t live it, I did. Dan


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