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The Conference (Konferensen) Ending Explained: Who Is Killer Behind Sotis Mask?

The Conference (Konferensen) Netflix Summary and Ending Explained: Netflix’s original Swedish thriller film ‘The Conference’ Originally titled ‘Konferensen’ is now streaming on Netflix in Multiple audio versions along with subtitles.

Here Is the Summary and ending of the film.

Recap And Summary

The story of the film starts with a group of people visiting a place called “Kolarangen.” They are building a shopping center there, although the locals and many other people are not happy with that. The project is headed by Jonas, and they all visit the place and stay in a resort. Just after entering the resort, everyone starts experiencing small issues like no WiFi, a bad smell, and even the cooking gas being out of stock in the kitchen.

One member of the team, Lena, discovers that there are some issues related to the compensation given to the farmers and landowners. Roger, one of the staff from the resort, is resting in the garden after room service, and then someone brutally kills him. On the other hand, we also see that the chief of the resort was killed by somebody in the forest. In the next frame, we see that Jonas found a mask and clothes of Sotis (a funny mask and clothes like Mickey Mouse). Jonas wears the dress and mask of Sotis and then goes to the conference room to entertain everyone, but there he again sees that everyone is fighting over small issues.

The Conference (Konferensen) Ending Explained
The Conference (Konferensen)

Later in the day, the team goes for their daily fun activities, and there they put everyone’s phone into a box. On the other hand, we also learn that a farmer named Polson kills himself after the announcement of the shopping mall project, as it led to a huge loss for him, and his farmland was also destroyed. While everyone is busy in the game, a person comes and takes the Sotis mask along with him, and then we see that the same person with the mask on his face kills the receptionist Jenny. Now, three staff members from the resort are dead.

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Lina leaves the fun activities in between and goes to Jonas’ room. From his laptop, she discovers that there is a scam going on. On the other hand, we see that the box containing everyone’s phones is missing, and Jonas also discovers that his face mask is missing. Cleo, another resort staff member, comes looking for Jenny and other hotel staff. She sees blood stains on the floor, and when she follows the blood, she is attacked by the masked person again. After some fight, Cleo is also killed by the masked person, and now every staff member from the resort is dead.

The Ending

Lina tells the truth to Amir and Nahida that Jonas and Ingela are not telling the truth, and they also signed the document with a fake signature of Lina. Lena then goes to Jonas and Kaj, and she tells Jonas that she knows everything. Jonas asks Lina to keep quiet, but Lina says that if he doesn’t tell the truth to everyone, then she will go to the police. In the very next frame, we see that the masked man Sotis kills Kaj in the bathtub in front of Anette.

Next, Sotis targets Ingela and hangs her on the flagpole, and now everyone sees him doing this. Everyone starts running, and Sotis follows Lina and Jonas. Jonas tries to get away from there with a raft, but he fails. Sotis then returns to the resort, and there Sotis attacks Najida. Najida somehow manages to escape, and the same happens with Lina.

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Who Is Killer?

Sotis then kills Anette, and Jonas falls into the river while running from Sotis. On the other hand, Lina and Amir try to run away with the zip line, but Amir is killed brutally again. Eva and Tobojrn fight with Sotis all alone, but they get injured badly. When Sotis is about to kill Eva and Tobojrn, Nadija kills Sotis from behind, and on the other hand, Lina is attacked by Jonas, but then he kills him, and the film ends here.

Now many of you may ask the question, “Who was the killer or who was in the dress of Sotis?”

If you remember, a farmer named Polsan kills himself after the loss he faces due to the shopping mall construction. The man in the mask was Polsan’s son, and he was seeking revenge for his father’s death.

Hope this clears all your doubts about the film. What do you think about the film and its ending? Please let us know in the comments.



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