The Big Door Prize Episode 7: AppleTV’s The Big Door Prize which tells the story of a small Louisiana town that gets upended after the arrival of a mysterious machine that tells the “True Potential” of the user.

The whole town goes bonkers after the machine tells them their potential to change their lives, sometimes for the better and sometimes not. However, the revelations about their potential not only bring chaos but love for some and for our lead, Dusty played by Chris O’Dowd, a realization of his marriage and how he needs to work on that.

Now, the seventh Episode focuses on Giorgio who owns the restaurant which feels like the only one that the entire town goes to and apparently, that’s the venue for Cass’s gala event. Here’s what happened in Episode 7

The Big Door Prize Season 1 Episode 7 Summary Explained

At the end of Episode 6, we see Giorgio in the bathtub and find out that he has gone bald and wears a wig and apparently no one is aware of this. Now, the Episode starts off with Hana and Giorgio in bed after Principal Pat’s wedding. Hana and Giorgio have hooked up a couple of times and he starts to ask her about the status of their relationship and Hana just leaves.

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The whole episode, we see Giorgio trying super hard for the gala event to go well and even does the decorations as Cass likes it and when she arrives, she loves that. Giorgio even sends Dusty with an employee Xander to go get ice so he could get Cass all to himself and that works mostly. The Gala event starts off nicely but then Cass realizes that no one is donating anything and on top of that, her mother Izzy who is also the mayor of the town comes smiling at her and Cass snaps at her.

Giorgio realizes that no one is donating to the cause, he takes up the charge and announces that he’s donating $500 of his own money to the cause and asks others to pitch in as well but it backfires when Beau offers up the money but to buy the memorabilia which is part of the whole restaurant like the baseball jersey or the signed balls but for the love of Cass, he sells everything in the restaurant. Meanwhile, Dusty is at the store to get the ice and realizes that it was all Giorgio’s plan. He sits with Jacob and Xander and realizing that he’s anxious about things, Jacob offers smoking weed and the three end up talking about life and smoking.

After the gala event becomes a success, Cass and Giorgio are sitting on the gondola and he confesses his love for Cass and how he can let go of anything precious to him just to be with her and just at the moment when he’s about to come kiss her, Trina turns the lights back on and asks Cass to head back home.

Cass finds Dusty at home trying to learn the Theremin which he realizes that he has not even tried to learn the instrument that his wife had got for him. Cass is not mad at him but tells him that she really needed Dusty there. After she gets a call from Giorgio but she turns him down asking him to stop.

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At the end of the Episode, Giorgio feels defeated and Izzy, Cass’s mother takes the baseball bat that she bought in the gala to the store where the MORPHO machine is and tries to destroy it but Jacob stops her, and then the Episode ends.

The Big Door Prize is currently streaming on AppleTV+ in the English Language.



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