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Barry Season 4 Episode 3: Recap & Ending Summary Explained

HBO’s Barry has returned for its last season and has released its third Episode after debuting last week with two Episodes. The third episode is titled “You’re Charming” and messes up the already messed up situation. Barry is inside the prison after he’s betrayed by Gene, his acting teacher and confidant.

While everything seemed to go wrong for Barry, Sally came like a ray of light and gave him hope in the form of a sentence that she feels safe with him thinking, Barry takes a deal from the FBI selling out Hank and Cristobal and a lot more secrets in exchange for a new life with Sally which she’s not aware of. So, here’s what happens in Episode 3.

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Barry Season 4 Episode 3 Summary Explained

Barry has held on to the hope that Sally is the only person in his life that won’t leave him and he’s sort of turned on everyone else. Fuches and Hank have had it the hardest because both of them were planning on getting Barry out of prison and they feel betrayed after Barry sided with the FBI. Hank and Cristobal have decided to kill Barry inside the prison and Fuches is aware about that. On the other hand, Sally meets Gene in the previous Episode and he gives her a golden ticket that after a failed career like that, she can teach and that’s what she does.

Sally starts to give acting classes and her first batch is not there because of the video but they feel that Sally is human and everyone is allowed to lash out. However, her way (or Gene’s way) of getting the participants to pull out their inner selves into the acting, she ends up ruining the chances with all the other participants leaving the one she was doing it to by being super toxic just like Gene. In the end, it’s only Sally and the girl Kristen who has landed a major role and needs her help.

Fuches has a moment of revelation while watching Rain Man and realizes that he’s Tom Hanks and he needs to guide Barry. He makes it clear to the guards that there’s going to be a hit on Barry in the special housing but no one pays much heed to him. However, during the hit Barry realizes that one person is there to kill him and it backfires on that person blowing up his own hand when he tries to shoot Barry.

A sniper hiding in the ceiling kills all the FBI agents followed up by Barry killing them. The Warden comes there and finds everyone killed and one with a blown-up hand and Barry is nowhere to be found.

Barry Season 4 Episode 3 is currently airing on HBO in English Language.



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