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The Big Door Prize Episode 4 Recap & Explained

The Big Door Prize Episode 4 Recap & Explained: AppleTV’s ‘The Big Door Prize’ which has been going on a spree with not its contemporary yet modern look on what society is and how people are all but fragile little beings, the show tells the story of Deerfield, a town where a sudden appearance of a MORPHO Machine takes the whole town by surprise by telling them their life’s potential and well, the whole town has been taking it like a sign from the Universe.

We’re met by different people from Deerfield in each Episode and the recently released one is about Father Reuben, the Priest of Deerfield. Here’s specifically what happened in the Episode.

The Big Door Prize Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Summary

After the MORPHO machine is the talk of the town and what everyone’s interested in is what card did the other person get. However, there’s Father Reuben who is unfazed by the whole idea and does not support it but at the end of Episode 3, we see that he tries out the machine and gets the card of “Father” and we can see him crying out loud in happiness. Episode 4 adds onto more life-altering decisions made by the residents of Deerfield where Principal Patricia who recently turned herself into a Biker decided to marry Farid who got a LOVER card from the machine.

Most of the Episode takes place during the wedding where Cass’s mother tries to steal the spotlight by performing at the wedding but is bummed when Cass dances with a child there making her uncomfortable and blaming Cass for stealing her thunder.

On the other hand, Trina and Jacob who are together but can’t be seen in public have been talking to each other and discussing whether they should come out or not to the people and not keep their relationship a secret anymore. With that, Dusty is the same old pessimistic about the whole wedding where he doesn’t like the idea that two people are getting married because of a card that came from a machine that told them their life’s potential.

However, with how things have been going between him and Cass, he decides to take a leap of faith and perform at the wedding which turns gets Cass by surprise she’s happy that he did it and the two of them end up closing because they did have a fight that morning over Cass being over Puffin gifts. This amazing performance by Dusty leaves Giorgio annoyed because Dusty is now cool and his chances with Cass are very slim now.

The Episode does take a bit of a serious turn when Hana and Father Reuben are talking in the bar and he ends up telling her about his past and his addiction. His wife helped him when he was at his worst and after her sudden death due to a mysterious death, he goes back down and this one day outside of a bar in search of guidance, he finds a card that says “Priest” and he thinks that it’s a sign from the Universe and becomes a priest.

However, after he got a card that says “Father”, he realizes that if the card wanted him to be a man of god it would’ve clearly said “Priest” but it didn’t and Father has different meanings, and that gets him by surprise.

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The Episode ends with Hana and Father Reuben dancing together seeking solace in their own company.



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