Where is Mary Giles Now Larry Austin?: The first episode of Oxygen’s The Real Murders Of Los Angeles is based on the Silent Movie Theater Murder. Which shocked the movie fans as it was the owner of Silent Movie Theater who died.

They interviewed Detectives and Crime bookwriters in the murder of Larry Austin. They also interviewed two friends of Larry Austin. But no mention of Mary Giles the 19-years-old worker in that theatre.

Where is Mary Giles Now?

Mary Giles was one of the key witnesses in the murder of Larry Austin. She is the one who remembered the killer. She also testified in court against James Van Sickle and Christian Rodriguez. But where is she now? Where is Mary Giles Now?

In the episode, Larry Austin’s friend and his colleagues were interviewed. I don’t think they would invite Mary as she is the key witness and she also worked with Austin. Mary might not want to be involved in this. Talking about where she lives, we don’t know as she is very private about her life. If we find some news about her we will share it with you.



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